V Singles …and then some….

“Dippin’ the falsettos where you hear false echos/ Hard to live it good my heart bumps a different tempo/ few achieve many fall victim to the system/ but still the rose from under the concrete has risen ” -Black and White by Command Strange feat T.R.A.C.

My goodness people ….

This music life has been one crazy ride filled with all kinds of hills, driven along all kinds of terrain, and very rewarding in all kinds of ways. Life is full of destinations and for me its to and try figure my way around the world of music. The good news is that my “trying” is becoming smaller by the moment. Some dues being paid, some respect earned and a whole bunch of passion and enthusiasm to spread around. 2016, as crazy as it is,  i was still able to do some things that i set out to do … late passes and alll. But no pats on the back for me …im superstitious all of a sudden……

As far as people wondering if i left Hip Hop alone in a traditional sense.  Its been a small break of sorts and theres plenty music flowing around the ‘nets  you can search for ….and in some cases cds can be found in stores (Waddup Sicily!)  Not much has changed other than me still spreading the vibe. Besides Ive been a part of jungle since ’97-’98…… accidentally,  but it happened . Mixing genres may seem like a feat but  my belief is music will do what music does. Maybe its slightly out of the box, maybe its a little uncanny. But it will definitely be dope. Regardless i have a lot more in store in what seems to be pretty busy year ahead.


It feels like an album but its not. Its an Ep compilation of all the tunes that were released on V Recordings over the last 2 yrs. from smooth anthems like “Higher Ground” and “Let Me Show You” to the heavies like “Killer Transmissions” and “Tape Bang”. To keep it even fresher for the holidays we added 2 brand new bangers from certified NY veterans RAW Q and I-CUE. “Style” and “Easy” fit in proper among the many well known tunes. If youre a music lover dnb head  or a fan of V releases then consider this well worth your time. Overall the feedback has been going great.

Support, take a listen, or just do both. A huge salute once again to Bryan Gee, JJ Frost, and all the good folk at V. 2017 will be something special.

Introducing T.R.A.C.

Available now: bit.ly/go-lv060





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