Bored, Lonely, And Possibly Intoxicated

“…my modern love is a battlefield and daily I’m reminded im involved in it…..”- Trace Motivate on “The Devil Works In Obvious Ways”

Real good Hip Hop went underground and independent. It has never left. While some of us have critical concerns at some of our commercial representations if you just look just beyond the glitz what you’ll see and hear is some of the best music you havent heard of. Salute to De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest for their much needed classic efforts this year but after that its all underground, under the radar, and back at its purest.  From the look of what I’ve been seeing around the globe I think in 2017 we’ll begin to see more quality artist with quality music. In the meantime let me tell you about this gem of an Ep.


For anyone who hass been following thetracspot knows ive been blogging about dope Canadian Hip Hop for quite sometime. I’ve been particularly writing about some of my budding  homies who put a lot of passion in to this craft. Bottom line its about the ones who take it that more serious and understand how to make dope music. I lived in Toronto for almost seven years to which was all a good experience; getting to see the life of their beloved underground filled with Hip Hop, Soul, and DnB. “T Dot” has a great melting pot of artist and musicians. One in particular i’ll bring to your attention is the talented Trace Motivate.

I’ve been following Trace for a bit. I’ve seen the growth in his artistry over the years. I blogged about his release ’10  Put ‘Em Up High”  EP with Futurewave (formerly Soundwave)  as well as his collaborations in the gritty 4 the man group Grindhouse Project. Heh, I even had him featured on my Rewired project with Marc Mac. All these years of crafting, building up his name and his discography and what you have now is a man with musical conviction.

But as much as a cosign can give, you still have to hear the music for yourself and his latest EP effort puts him in a vulnerable state. “Bored. Lonley, and Possibly Intoxciated” is a drift thru the pain of an ugly Divorce going thru the angst and picking up the pieces. Its a dark, room of hurt with a bit of sunlight shining thru the window. at the same time its also therapeutic in a talk to yourself kind of way. I caught up with him recently on messenger and we had a cool convo that I’d like to share:

TSP: Ok. Let me build on this. The title is intriguing btw. I know its all life related.
TM: Very current as far as what’s going on in my life. The first and last songs were                         recorded during the separation.
TSP: Oh damn. Thats tuff bro.
TM: It’s life G! So those two were recorded a while ago and the rest just fell in place.
TTS: But…. this reminds me of one of Marvin Gaye’s and Nas albums.
TM: It definitely is in that vein. They both did dope real up albums too.
        Btw listening to “Here, My Dear” during a breakup is a bad idea lol
 TTS: Lol. I can see that. But Nas “Life Is Good” was dope.
 TM: Oh they’re both incredible albums but music is made to trigger emotions. when                      exactly those emotions are triggered is another issue. Some of those songs just add                fuel to a fire that is almost put out.
 TTS: Truth!
TM: Lol there’s always someone instigating a fight that’s already broken up.
TTS: Ha! That’s usually from people who think they know the both of you.
 TM: Well I meant hearing songs, like metaphorically but yeah people do the same. It’s all a          process and it’s never really explained how long that process is, you just have to get              thru it.
TTS: I’ve done the same plenty of times. Hey man… she’ll always be linked to you. And                from what i get maturity is paying off. Meantime about those girls in the “Walk On                   By” video. If i were single I’d be up there in seconds.
TM:  Everyone says the same.
TTS: Yeah i liked it because none were model types. Just beautiful types.
TM: Exactly! I find it more difficult to be attracted to someone who comes off as superficial,         even just watching a video. So the’round the way girls will always be perfect.
TTS: Yeah people who live to be “TV beautiful” are weirdos.
TM: And usually don’t have much to offer other that what they’ve created.
TTS: “Out on a whim” types. They usually get people as insecure as they are.
 TM: Exactly!
                                          —- —————–
And so life keeps moving. If anyone is going through their own break ups or if you’re just looking for dope, sensible, and real Hip Hop music then you should definitely check  out Trace Motivates new EP and support it. Make your price and salute him. It takes a lot of guts to be able to talk about these kind of issues. It also takes skill to make it art and still get your point across.
 Cop the Ep here:
or just take a listen….
…… Like Trace Motivate on Facebook and Follow on Instagram
Plenty more on my mind. Blogging is becoming fun again. talk soon.

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