Live at Sun and Bass 2016


“Its a different thing  when you have to play out in the daytime and everyones sober.”-Paul SG

…… So much can be said about the full on experience of going to the Sun and Bass festival on the beautiful island of Sardenga. I could go on about the food, the people, the beach, the rich history and many other things but i’ll to try and keep this short and not sound like some sort of vacation pamphlet. We’ll just keep it this at one amazing moment on the Ambra day Beach.

A special salute goes out to Paul SG for the kind of assistance needed to make this performance seem effortless. We took our time with the rehearsal and the sound fixes which all lead to quality moments. We even came up with our own special “summer madness” to open things proper …which all came out quite well …as nervous as it was….

Of course being nervous is a natural thing for an artist. we all want to give the very best we can but at times we realize we’re giving a piece of ourselves to an audience that we’re not always sure of. The fact that we were to start right after another amazing Calibre moment was even more added pressure.  To think all i initially wanted was a moment on Bryan Gee’s set. Sheesh!

…..inhale….exhale…. then get guidance from MC Fats… He won’t steer ya wrong….

Another huge salute to my fellow “Avenger” Dj A sides. This wouldnt have happened without his help and advice. it all worked out in the end.

So this first live performance happened on the last day at Sun and Bass and once me and Paul fought thru the early jitters its was all smooth sailing. People all kinds of backgrounds and languages all taking in the vibe with smiles, balloons….and tequila! …… and you could hear some of the enthusiam thru the mic… which makes it all the more special.

Big ups to V recordings, Jazzsticks Recordings Intrigue records and Shogun Audio and everyone else that i have worked with thru the years. things are just coming along fine…….

“And without further adieu”………….  here is the Ambra Day live recording.


(Artwork done by Martin Birds of The Creative Surgery. it would be worth the time to click the name and check his website. Salute!)


  1. Sun and Bass summer intro

2. “New York State of Mine” produced by Raw Q (Intrigue Records)

3. “Strive” feat LaMeduza produced by Paul SG (Jazzsticks Recordings)

4. “All or Nothing” produced by Submorphics (SGN LTD)

5. “Let Me Show You” feat. LaMeduza produced by Paul SG  (Liquid V)

6. “Higher Ground” produced by Submorphics (Liquid V)

7. “Stay Classy”  produced by Paul SG (Liquid V)

8. “Count The Days” feat. Collette Warren produced by Lurch (Intrigue Records)

9. “Holding Pattern” feat. Ella Jones produced by Jaybee ( Intrigue Records)

10. “Black and White” produced by Command Strange (V recordings)

10. “Killer Transmissions” produced by L Side ( Liquid V)

11. “The Partys Arrived” produced by Dave Owen ( Liquid V)

Much more news to come. stay tuned.





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