Tune up: To Kill A Critic EP



I already know what you’re thinking by the looks of these pics. Crazy to say it but i feel guilty that I haven’t been back to Toronto for a long bit. When you’re so caught up in the music and set on reaching your own personal goals your vision can become pretty narrow. For me, Toronto was friends, family, music, growth and peace. Too many good times to forget so I kinda feel bad for not returning since. Gotta work on that.

Shout outs to Major and The Lost Info family who continue to make strides. Hard work is paying off. Keep at it fellas.


After a year hiatus Rexdales own GHP has returned with “To Kill A Critic”.  The crew consist of  MC’s Trace Motivate and 36th Cypher with production by Astro Mega and Futurewave (formerly Soundwave). As with the tone of the title the the sound gets dark and the ryhmes get murky. I wrote about these guys on their previous “GHP Is Like” Ep and this is yet another  dope addition with features from fellow Canadian Mc’s D-Cal, D. Daley & Fortunato.

…with a couple of music vids on deck already? The house been grinding for real!

“Red Sector” feat. D-Cal

“Victory” feat. D. Daley

“Middle Finger Funk” feat. Fortunato

After these to 2 Eps im looking forward to see if an album can happen.  Salute!

GHP fan page

Til next time…





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