New Classics!

Coming straight outta blog hibernation…….

To anyone whos’ been following the apologies for disappearing for so long. I had soooo much to handle up on since the Operation ReVibe  project that i just strayed away from it all. So much to talk about which means … I will be around for a while. This is my triumphant return to…. (horns!) blogging.

A big shout out to Amanda who at times helped me out a lot on the proofread and  grammar tip. Shes has now moved on to much bigger things at Ambrosia.. Big salute & love to you Mandy!!!!

and now the topic……

I was having this convo with some of my homies  over this. With the current state of Hip Hop music things are definitely changing…. for the better? only the future knows…. Regardless, this is where we currently are so as long as the culture is being seen as a positive contribution to our lives we should just enjoy our nuances. So many of us miss the old days but forget how much clutter and bullshit we had overall. They were definitive days in my younger years but i will say this ….. where there once was a quiet code among the representatives (sampling, biting, originality, dance, battling for respect) these jewels also seem to be leaving us. Still we do have to respect this newer generation and what they mean to the future ahead. The older generation just needs to deliver the jewels needed so so that things can stay aligned.

I guess what im trying to say is… there will always be great music made as much as there will always be sellout trashy music. It is the Ying and the Yang of our individual soundtracks.

Lucky for you im only going to chat about the “Yings”…. my favorites over the last few years that i think are re-playable and timeless bodies of work. The new classics!

… i must add, im staying away from the more popular field but i will give a salute to “Good Kid Ma.a.d City and  MBDTF among a few others i have in mind. We can save that for maybe for another blog but this list is for the heads who love that traditional sound that they believe reps Hip Hop perfectly. Its the dope but under-appreciated. The critically acclaimed and should be given their proper dues. The underground approved. New timeless gems.

also… i didn’t want to go too far back in time or id be stuck at the computer writing forever.

…5 years back will do. Now on with the show…in no particular order….

Apollo Brown “Grandeur”


Apollo Brown has been creating a magnificent catalog of amazing Hip Hop over the years. The man knows how to finesse a dusty sample and make it breathe again. Besides keeping the integrity in the sound Apollo likes MC’s who can really drop bars and still deliver a message. When i finally got a chance my hands on his debut album i closed the doors, turned off the cell and turned the music up.  for anyone who knows me, thats a rarity for me especially in current times.

Favorite tune: Too many favorites to say one song stood out. lets just call it a great balanced body of work.

What makes this classic: if this album were to be done with unheard of Mcs id still love it.. its really that good.

Czarface “Every Hero Needs A Villain”


I gotta give it up to Inspecta Deck. Hes been so underrated, so slept on, that when you hear him on the this project he sounds like a new cat who’s got something to prove. In addition Esoteric cant do any wrong on 7L’s production which was seems  like thhe beats were customized meant for MC’s to attack with fire verses ….. or go home. There is absolutely nothing soft and peachy on EHNAV nor is there any reaching for the commercial status. Bottom line, there is zero lyrical fucks given. Along with the dope comic book artwork this is hard, unadulterated Hip Hop from the heart.

Favorite tune: “NightCrawler” featuring Method Man

What makes it classic: This album reminds me of the many the cyphers ive witnessed or been part of. Any quality MC knows you only remember the good ones. Czarface is kinda like one of those moments…

O.C. & Apollo Brown “Trophies”


Besides being a part of the legendary D.I.T.C., O.C. is one of the most revered MC’s in the game. After a long hiatus he came back strong with a then striving Apollo Brown to release what i consider one the dopest projects to come out. O.C.’s monotone and smooth delivery with Apollo’s Boom Bap craftings’ drops musical devastation of sorts all over this masterpiece. Add to the fact that there are no features makes this another rarity nowadays.

Favorite tune: “We The People”

What makes it classic: A great job of keeping the vibe while dropping a strong message. You’ll come back to Trophies just for all the jewels dropped.

Madlib & Freddie Gibbs “Pinata”


When i first heard of Freddie Gibbs it was on YouTube over that classic “Milkbone” instrumental. “The Ghetto” was an eye opener at a time i couldnt find music i could relate to. Since then I’ve always checked his work but when he teamed with Madlib for this amazing “Pinata i anticipated nothing but the best. The truth is Pinata was beyond my expectations. Gibbs told dark street gritty tales with a touch of lyricism over ‘Libs funky abstract production . This is pretty much perfection.

Favorite tune: “Harolds”

what makes this a classic: Gibbs was still new to the game, still making his way and very hungry! But that Uno diss tho…… nuff said.


Diamond D “The Diam Piece”


Diamond D’s return to the scene felt like New York rap was coming back with him. of course this D.I.T.C. member is already a legendary producer with decades of hits and as noted in a previous blog he’s also one of my favorite producers on the mic.”The Diam Piece” is yet another compilation of quality rap features over classic Diamond Production. In my opinion its pretty much one of the dopest albums to come out of New York in a long while.

Favorite tune: “Jose Feliciano”

What makes this classic: Its the kind of stuff that outta town folk want to hear from New York rappers.

Sean Price “Mic Tyson”


Fellow Brownsvillain Ruck is one of those MC’s who cant spit a bad verse. Like…. the real meaning of bad… Its pretty much some of best bully bars you will ever hear.  No doubt about it. The things is….you could lift weights, drink a strong malted beer out of a Viking Mug or just slap Earth, Wind and Fire out somebody ….to this shit.  A big thank you and salute to Price for all his great work. Rest in peace. P!

Favorite tunes: “Straight Music”, Solomon Grundy

What makes this classic: Besides being his 2nd best album in his career (monkey bars being my first), Price just comes with it every time. Not a wack album in his discography. And like Tyson im from Brownsville too.. maybe im bias.. not really.


Hope you agree with me …

More blogging to come… i got a lot on my mind…..






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