Operation ReVibe: Regroup, Refix, and Re Up! PT. 1

So far 2015 has a been a fun time dealing with some new found fan fare nationally and across the globe. Good to see heads checking out the catalog of good music I’ve done in my time. Kudos for all the good words and welcome aboard.

Operation Re Vibe

Moving right along, this next indie Hip Hop project is one that we took our time with for plenty of reasons. We all have our regular lives to deal with daily. family, bills, jobs ..and even natural disasters get in the way. With that being said when your heart is in to it, you find ways to make it all happen. such is the case with our next installment which we call “Operation Revibe”.

This project came about after a few extensive chats with Wally on what we believe is the current state of Hip Hop especially here in our native town of New York. As with every genre of music the sound changes but for Hip Hop, it felt different. At one point everything sounded the same, way too dumbed down. The cheesy gimmicks and the tiring monotony made the more intelligent mature style become almost nonexistent in the mainstream. I loved the 90’s era for its growth and prominence it showed from what it was in the 80’s. I have groups in the South, West and Midwest that I totally respect and love that have done things to put their own unique stamp in properly. Hip Hop is 40 plus and still prospering but i miss the times when there was a balance on the radio that felt like the music was made for everyone.

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So all these conversations led to a couple of Long Beach weekends for recording this opus. things went down pretty smooth for the most knocking out 4 or 5 songs a day. Sad to say but we went thru a moment where this may have not happened because of Hurricane Sandys moment. With the rest of Long Island affected by the storm, things were topsy turvy. Dealing with these circumstances it was best to take care of family and hopefully regroup later. Today the Long beach community and its amazing Boardwalk is back and looking better than ever.  For us it meant that we are getting back to work  and finish strong on everything…….. Vibes, Beach and …Volcanoes!

Jaybee at work!
Jaybee at work!

To the homie Jaybee, a crazy special thanks from the both of us. It wouldn’t be the same without you.

Another special thank you goes out to the homie Vandal for the albums artwork. check his stuff over at his blog/website.

……And if youre still wondering then yes, the three of us are all Hip hop lovers who are also well known Jungle/DnB artist with plenty of singles and legacy to follow. WE DO THIS!!!!! So there ya go…………

“Operation Revibe” is dedicated to those who just miss a dope sample beat, straight lyrics and dope scratching to get them thru their days. No singing rnb records, no features just depth, bravado, and vibe. Hip Hop is somn we live and we’re glad to bring it to you.

Welcome back to the true! Show your love and support but mostly ….enjoy!

Song break downs on PT 2. coming soon.

Wally Pish Posh

Catch T.R.A.C. on





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