Cheers to another Birthday


pic  by Megan Jolly
pic by Megan Jolly

To Megan .. see? no one got hurt!

Im actually writing this blog just days away from my annual birth moment while having a chat with mom over the line and thinking of how time just flies. Even though we keep moving anticipating what the future beholds its also healthy to reflect on your life and see how far you’ve came along. Whew!

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Music as a full grind has its ups downs but most of the setbacks for me are money problems. Therefore you have to hustle around to make things possible. Lucky for me I have ran into some of the most amazing people who have helped me along the ways of my small successes. I haven’t reached full goal as of yet but it sure feels like the horzons are nearing.

Being a true New York native I have seen so many things throughout the years. To think I’ve been through the Koch era when the tokens (?) were 75 cent for a transit ride to now in these current Diblasio times seeing real estate bloom across many neighborhoods that were once pretty risky to be in. I’m sure we all have witnessed or heard Spikes rant recently. The man was telling the truth even though he clouded it with his personal and familiar frustrations. Nonetheless NY was bound to change at some point and within the last few years it seems its all for the better. I mean, Brooklyn has a team now and compared to my way too quick stint in Toronto Im starting to see much of the REAL diversity we used to brag about. (side note: what is gentrification in Tdot?, i’ll leave it alone..) If youre really active within in these 5 boroughs you’ll get to see more than enough in real time…. and you’ll love and hate it both. To the people who are still new here asking what do you get out living here my reply would simply be experience and the excitement. Im glad to be here in NY on my bday and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

……That being said salute to all the people that gave a fuck enough to keep me in the right direction. I cannot explain in words how important you are.

To Mom and Pop, big brothers and big sisters, nieces and nephews I love you all very much.

Ok Enough with the mushy mush… I’m celebrating on March 7th Dj Hype with fellow MC and (GT homie Armani ehem..) Armani Reign along with Stuck On Earth and the BP2 crew over at Sankeyes. NY will be alive and kicking. Come and enjoy it with me.

Reespect 100

Cheers to new friends, Hooray for old ones! Much love to all!
For Generations!

This Is That EP


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