Life Between the Drums and the Bass ep.1

For those that don’t know and for the sake of not trying being a broken record about it let me explain….

Humbly speaking this is my first ever published piece of vinyl of which it was a very happy moment back in 98-00. At the time i was getting my learn on interning at major hip hop labels and working on building myself up behind the scenes of the music world. Introduced to the World of New York Jungle music by another fellow hip hopper Dj I-CUE, dude was pretty pushy on trying to get me on a jungle dnb record for a pretty long time. Nonetheless the time came when Dilla flipped a famous loop that Cue had also done for a track we were doing. rather than go back to the drawing board, Cue had an idea set for an upcoming tune in creation which was for a possible compilation for a Label called Liquid Sky. He asked if i can recite those same written rhymes to a slick hard bass guitar piano sample. Nonetheless a whole day and a half had past in creative time but by 8 or 9 the next morning we had definitive gold in our hands.

With both of us sitting in the couch in the sala looking up to the ceiling bewildered and dumbfounded, we both knew we had done something beyond our musical reaches. When the sun the came up and civilization had once again risen i just left for home to rest. but the truth is i dont beleive neither one of us slept at all. Cue waited til 10am or so that morning to go to the offices and demand that this record get put on the compilation. From what im told they all listened and none complained. Thus came Next Level $hit……

The whole “hipstep” in the beginning was NY’s way of terming our style of Drum n Bass. Most of us were doing a sort of Hip Hop effort in a Electronic World. when done correctly it was bigger than just saying hip hop (or Rap) n Bass. it was just somn special. The term was created by Cue and Mike(Madness) meaning “Hip Hop Influenced Productions Stimulating Thee Earth People”. At a time and era full of acronyms this was one of those amazing terms and I was voice of the sound. Some people ran with it and never let it go but in all honesty and my humble opinion it ran its course and did its purpose. Time has moved on and so must we.

websterhall aphroditien

Im a Hip Hop dude for life! Hip hop has raised me in ways that are hard to explain because of im really from a straight guyanese kind of american dream family. My whole family were immigrants with plans already. me being the baby of the bunch i pretty much was an airhead. But when my moms brought home “Rappers Delight” along with my treasured Off The Wall record i would stay by the stereo system all day long. My life was being influenced. I got hit with “the soul” somn serious!

Along the grinding times in early 2G me and Cue had done a bunch of dope hip hop songs that was never put out. but we did play some dnb remixes of some of the stuff..

“Hip Hop fast” was probably the earliest term for what the UK was doing with Hip Hop. My talks wit Marc Mac and a few others this was basically the idea. the tempos were faster but the sound and samples were still groovy.. and the vibe was still dancy… Uk heads were pushing the sound into a more experimentive but freer feeling music. Samples were still there but so was the vibe… and it still brought people out to have fun and be festive.

….kind of remind me of when Herc pulled the speakers out to the park… the first rave ever? I’ll leave that alone….

I kind of hated it when people use to say to me ” why you mess with that techno shit” back then. Techno is nothing like Jungle or Drum n Bass. Sometimes terms take you away from what really good music is and people get lost in these specifics. At the end of the day good music is good music. Its the reason i was happy to collab with my 4hero brethren on doing an actual Hip Hop Project. which is still dope btw…

And now here I am 10 plus years later after the famed liquid Sky compilation with a newfound kind of energy swing…and still striving ….

and showing you the way…..

PauL Sg is a very jazzy and musical fella. To think that a day in Vienna with him would lead to having some music being released commercially and respected wasn’t even in my thoughts. i just wanted to make music……And that we did!

With the legendary Bryan Gee backing us with his famous Liquid V imprint things started to pick up last year…. The light was shining bright and I’m hosting his latest Club Sessions effort with some of my comrades Submorphics, Jaybee, Atlantic Connection, Random Movement and many others. (Waddup Stamina!) Regardless, it may be the sign of things being on their way…. and on a roll…

I could go on, but i’ll say it like this……like (real) Hip Hop, Jungle/Drum n Bass, is music and culture in motion! The feeling you get when you hear the synths or strings and those rollers rumble over a head swaying baseline with an added touch of vocals (sometimes not) is somn that can be only understood when the vibe hits the air. Words cannot describe what I see when im on stage and we’re all going thru the same emotion at the same time over the song. New York events has spoiled me with these kind of memories. I plan on making more of those all over in my travels.

Lets do it Bryan!
BK with Bryan!

New York, Long Island, Upstate, New Jersey, CT, Philly, I wanna see you out on the 17th at Paperbox next friday. Lets shake Brooklyn up and show ’em what we live and what we love. My guess is this will be one of those unforgettable moments. Salute to the BP2 Crew for starting the year with a heavy lineup that will probably not let this night down. glad to be onboard for this.

Yo Dnb!

But hey im just a hip hop dude.. what do i know?

i’ll blog on that later…cheers my peoples!



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