the year in review… Cheers and thankyous…

….Sipping wine as i reflect on what i consider to be a building block of a year.
As much stress an aspiring musician can go thru I can confidently say that I made it out of another 365 alive! so many good memories of helping people reach their own goals as well as some of my own personal endeavors being met. The one goal I didnt accomplish becomes a part of this years list of goals to do. I’m no real complainer so i stay patient. Everything happens in its time.

…..Nonetheless 2013 was “out of this world”…

Shout to BAR’s Kuba idea of remixing the “Moon Record”
and Mpadrums uncanny idea doing the hot remix .. Still dope .. and still Tranquil.

A quick shout to D. Melodious as well.. a good piece of Hip Hop work was done here brother….

Also to Lewis Parker thanks for always thinking of me when you’re doing these epic projects bro. “The Glass Ceiling” is a definite hot spot in 2013.
The Glass Ceiling
One of my personal favorite LP collabs was a quick idea of a chorus..

Cannot forget that underground poker game we played. Totally smashed that place..

….Hastag This is That….

I consider this ep one of my greatest efforts in music and i could not do it without the all the “particpees” and their amazing talents….That includes you Mr. Vandal!!!
And big ups to all of YOU who felt the same about it.

and of course shout outs to the good people at omniverse records for making it all happen….

…and shut yer mouf if you havent seen this Romen Rok Directed piece.. Waddup Yahzeed!

Hashtag TeamStrive!
Strive NY-Yellow Band
September went down as a preview of things to come in my other crazy world known as Drum n Bass. No doubt I asked my city for its help and from that we received a top #3 juno single which even lasted longer on the charts than i even expected. A big warm thank you to Paul Sg, LaMeduza, The entire Jazzsticks family, and to EVERYONE that got involved with me that month all over the globe…… Buenos Ares? For real Magin?

….and then ..Liquid V Happened. Bryan Gee? I have another blog on the way…. we’ll chat more about this in depth next blog post… and soon!

I havent begun to touch on the many parties and festivals that I was happy to be part of… I want to say that I gladly did alot with misses 2013. She was a great study and companion. Of course there were some ups in downs.. even some heartbreaks.. but she showed me somn that i’ll never forget and thats to overload yourself with confidence, realism and the positivity to overwhelm any downers that may occur. Do surround yourself with the people who are likewise. That way when you fall down there may be a hand or 2 to pick up and dust you off so you can get back to whatever your task is. Thats if you dont pick yourself up at first….

I cannot stress this any clearer… A humble thank you to all the life savers in the world!

…….But to 2013 sadly we must part our ways. Its only right that we do. I’ll keep you mind .. and thank you kindly!

…To the Dk Homie Ginz.. your peoples are my peoples! kinda wished we really got to hang but it was for good the moment to meet you, the wife and kids.. you will be missed…. Rest in Peace

And to the new born Megatron! I hear you will walk a mighty path and have super artistic powers so unbelievable that your parents couldnt imagine. I’ve been bad on meeting up but i cant wait to see you soon enough. Come to think of it, this year i’ve been doing a good job of dodging all my good friends with newborns.. gotta change that…. Uncle Twak coming thru…

…”You better swing thru or else”….. -Megatron

But back to you Ms. 2013… I’m going to have to take the Casablanca approach…It’s on you Humphrey…

Anticipating higher and greater times in 2014. Will she be a beauty or a bitch? Stay up with me and I’ll let you see it all.. but tell a friend this time…




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