River Nelson-“The Shape Of The Sky”

As i dust off the cobwebs for yet another one of my long awaited word pressings, i begin to see that a lot of the comrades around me  have been growing and Going! Such is the case with River Nelson who has been persistent in finding his place in this thing we call hip hop.

I consider “Rivs” a true poet. If you really listen to the homie you’ll see that his words are deep and have this metaphoric way of making you think just a bit more about what he just uttered along with a strong voice which gives an impact on his delivery. I was introduced to River on his first album “The Rise n Fall of River Nelson” and really liked a song called “Beautiful Life”

All produced by Lewis Parker that album rounded out pretty well.

00-River Nelson Shape of The Sky (front)
Fast forward to the now the homie is back with a tight album to his catalog called “The Shape Of The Sky.”
If you know me well enough then you know that i love that ol’ soulful sound that used to be heavy in Hip Hop songs. River teaming up once again with Lewis Parker on production achieves this effortlessly. This is Boom Bap as i remember it and sounds refreshing. Songs like “Put off the Pain” feels like an actual pain reliever of a record.

“We try to have fun nights and not to be joyless this/But niggas kill for points like they gun is a joystick”

The Poke Thru Theory feat. Ann One

“Thinking of Leaving” featuring John Robinson

Other Favorites off this are “Cotton Club”, “Human Grafitti”, “300seconds” check for our collab on a record called “Oceanography” a very fun creative record..

Sometimes you have to remind heads that all of hip hop songs arent just club songs. Some of our best work was not just fun to dance to but they also had great perspectives and messages to give. Substance! I believe after getting thru the clouds and the turbulence you’ll see that River Nelson achieves that flawlessly over Lewis’s Elegant production again.


So what exactly is The Shape Of The Sky? In my humble opinion its what you want it to be. And that idea is dope enough for you peep it from his perspective. Kudos and salute!

You can cop his album on Itunes and recently it was considered “album of the month” on Amazon

Say hi to him on twitter for me.

EZ.. i’ll see ya in a bit
This is That Ep

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