Miss.She.ILL The Illtroduction

Early morning steez! I’m here with my wireless keyboard on my lap typing from a futon sitting further from the monitor with a nice brew of tea by my side.and yes I’m pinky sipping right now 🙂

Jumping into my next review i do it with pleasure. In comes this pretty young stunna by the name of michelle..um. Miss.She.ill. i met her thru the homie and dope producer Jim B (waddup). She represents Cali but is currently chilling, residing, and hustling in my hometown of NYC. So while paying her dues n’ such with life, school, and music she has finally came to her moment of truth independently debuting her album to the world titled the Ill.troduction.
I’m trying to refrain from being preachy and saying that we need more woman artist in Hip Hop but the truth is we havent seen that much of it in a while. even when presented in some cases its way over the top and not that relate-able (in my opinion) to the average female in general. Its either too slutty. too sleazy, or too cute with nothing really to say. Its all good but i hope we find our next Lytes, Monie loves, and Latifahs. Nonetheless when listening to Miss.She.ill i hear a lot of heart in her music. She comes off as a smooth slick voiced MC who doesnt have to be anything but herself on the mic…add to the fact that she loves true Hip Hop (Boom Bap) as well as that kind of production and im ready to start nodding my head in a proper fashion. If shes lucky i might catch whiplash! (ouch!)

Production is done mostly by FRESH along with some bangers from Grip, Dae One, Aceman, Vitamin D and my Spanish harlem brother DJ I-CUE .. for added Boriqua power! (heh heh)
Some of my favs are “Taking it Back”, “They Call Me” “In The Sun” but overall this album flows thoroughly.

“Dont Play”

“Taking it Back”

“They Call Me”

I think we should all keep an eye on Miss.She.ill. The Ill.troduction is a lovely first effort and you should support it! check it out on Bandcamp.

Btw Missy… Leave my Knicks Alone!

click here for her facebook and twitter

I’ll be back yet again
This is That Ep


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