Strive In New York

strive (strv)
intr.v. strove (strv), striv·en (strvn) or strived, striv·ing, strives
1. To exert much effort or energy; endeavor.
2. To struggle or fight forcefully; contend: strive against injustice.

” To strive in new york means you gotta stay on your A-game at all times. New York is a very competitive city especially when it comes to music. You always have to be prepared for any unexpected situation. You never know when you will get tested. Show no fear, be confident, stay humble and hold your ground towards your beliefs. That is how i strive in New York as an artist.” -I-Cue

” it can be exactly what you make of it and what you put into it. And great amounts of work, belief in yourself, and belief in your gifts can reap boundless rewards. Just like a football player running drills in pre-season…you’ve got a chance to make the big play and get the start on the squad you’ve always wanted. Question is: when the QB throws it your way…will YOU be ready to take it to the house like the champ you are?” -Otis Brown III (aka Rigger)

Strive to survive
Strive to rule and conquer” -DJ Golden Child

“…..Also to strive in NY you don’t have to be born in NYC. its all about putting in the work, staying true, focused and most importantly staying positive!” -Al Burner

“moving forward and not in reverse.” -Steve B

“It’s a beautiful thing to be able to strive in a city that breaks so many people down and eats some alive.” -Ice Rocks

“It’s strive or die here man, if you’re not pushing yourself as hard as you can you’ll get lost in the shuffle. staying relevant over multiple seasons here is one of the most difficult challenges, there’s just too much talent coming through this city” -Dj Subset

“This is the gauntlet, but there might not be a higher peak than New York…if you can climb it”- Hired Gun



Autumn is around the corner and we are nearing the tail end of the year. This is “the 4th quarter”. It’s thee beginning of many school semesters. Plus Football is back in my life (GO Giants!) nonetheless, i’ve been running the races, going the miles, and coming up with decent results. After what i consider one of my most amazing and encouraging summers the wheels keep on turning..

Of course being an artist isn’t easy at all. There are plenty of let downs, plenty misleadings and plenty deceptiveness that can derail you along your path. But successful people will always tell you “only the strong will survive”. Especially in a town as fierce as NYC. Its best to keep your circle filled with the needed positive, progressive people as it will help you get pass a few more loops everyday. which is what we…. and i …..strive to do.

Meeting up with Paul Sg for the first time in vienna was basically the chemistry that couldnt wait. I must’ve sat down on his couch and talked about my life and where im headed for at least an hour or more…..with no shame…..over some pasta and coffee… and some… (cough) green…..heh heh!

Now thats a first impression…lol

All jokes aside, Paul was patient enough to sit down and just listen. Maybe he saw that I wanted to take myself further thru the music. He might have even related to some my endeavors. Thus begins another chapter in saga.

What it means to you to Strive in New York?


To Strive in NY is to go thru all kinds of struggle and make it out winning. To strive in my hometown is to create your own lane or way of getting to your goals thru your persistence. To strive in my city is to be up late night rocking out at weeklys, one-offs, and keeping consistent in the quality you put out there. Sometimes it sucks that all success stories have hidden horrors somewhere along the way. Trust when i say i had my own share to contend with. My way of getting past these hurdles was to try and keep my attention to whats at hand and not lose focus of it no matter how hard the travel gets. Easier said but tougher to put in action. It takes a while but eventually you’ll get the handle of it if youre serious enough…….
……Hopefully . Its your life…….

So begins “Strive” which is a song that just happened to happen. Me dropping some vocals
for Paul and then Paul going back in on the production with some already added LaMeduza magic. From there we have lift off!. Sometimes things just work out, especially when the reaction on the finish end has people falling out of their seat.(ouch!) You gotta love it.

This whole month I’ve dedicated this song to all of NYC’s Striving endeavors. A lot of my peoples are at the point where they are not “fucking around” anymore and they’re going all out for the bonus! Im glad to have these kind of passionate folk around who are working just as hard. It’s also good when everyone is learning from everyone. It’s “each one teach one” and with that kind of energy going around it can only get any better from there.

Ok enough with the mushy talk.. I hope to you see around for the rest of the celebrations all in this September month. Click on the flyer below for the next NY listening dates. A special shout out to Mac and Konkrete Jungle for helping me get it started. It was the right place to set this off.


Strive NY-Yellow Band

If you havent checked my latest Ep This Is That or the lead music video. you are seriously sleeping. for real

Paul SG
La Meduza


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