THIS IS THAT … EP … For Real!

“There aint nothing like Hip Hop Music”- Stetsasonic


And once again we’re back in the swing of things. Back in a NY groove! Back to that real Hip Hop! This is that moment we’ve been waiting on.

In the beginning this ep was based on being a bit more than everything my first album wasnt. Im in love with the overall easy feeling “The Network” gives me but nonetheless i wondered if i was up to the challenge that Marc put in front of me.

So what you have here is a step up ideally and lyrically. As a writer i didnt want to get too wordy wordy with it but i definitely wanted to you feel where im coming from. Music should always come from the heart. Hence, the deliveries are insane!

With out a doubt, shout outs to all the hard working, dope producer friends that got involved with this project. To Future Wave, Buscrates, Wally Pish Posh, Devastate(UK), El Denz, I-CUE, and Marc, I am speechless from your selflessness. Its one of the reasons why i keep pushing on. No one is ever forgotten for this…. Salute!

To my 2 guest features Yahzeed and Drue Davis. i couldnt pick em any better … you fellas killed it!

So yeah get ready to enjoy what “this is That” is all about. I cant wait for you to hear it.



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