Pieces of Art: Lewis Parker “The Glass Ceiling”

“Life is a puzzle…Figure out the meaning”………


It is never awkward for me to talk about the homies who i know pretty well and have developed great relationships along the way. To any one who knows Lewis knows that dude stays in the crib a whole lot working and crafting joints after joints after joints … and then some amazing Chinese food from somewhere in the neighborhood of Sunnyside Queens. Its such a living….

Nonetheless as the (independent) artist we are, our freedom of expression always feels refreshing to those who are tired of what is going on in todays mainstream. New York is undergoing all kinds of transitions some for the good, while others we are starting to question a bit. Thus LP’s new opus ” The Glass Ceiling” touches on some of his personals as much as our own inquiries in this modern time. 

When I first played the album  it was at 3 in the morning, with so much stuff to take care of my mind just kept endlessly thinking. I just couldn’t fall asleep. So I just decided to throw in the (privileged) advanced album and boom! The first thing off the top i noticed was how well the analog sound was engineered. The “Glass Cloud” intro introduced me in with welcoming arms and the scenarios were about to set me in for a long ride. The direction of where its headed was done really proper. You can almost picture LP as the maestro with a baton in his hand waving it among a huge ensemble; Harps, Tuba’s, and all that shit! This is Hip Hop orchestration through the SP1200 at its best.

“Days are cold now….”

With over 30 joints to vibe on yours truly is featured on 4 of the many solid gems. One of the notables is personal favorite “Big themes For Little Losers”. When Lewis first introduced me to the record I just wasnt sure if i wanted to do a song like this at that point in time. So bringing up some negative energy into the studio caused a lot a grunts and bickering. Trust me, we weren’t going to kill each other exactly but it was just tension in the air because of the outside stresses we were going through. Including me losing a job and Lewis trying to deal with his own misfortunes. The result is a really pissed off, emotional, frustrated yet a masterful work of art. To this day I still dont understand how we pulled that one off. 

Lets not forget the other comrades on here. Top notch jobs done by John Robinson, Shabaam Sadeeq, Sadat X, Big Zu, Jacky Danz, Yahzeed, Sam Hill, Mista Spyce (uk) EastKoast along with his son Ade Something making his teen-aged debut. Superb I tell ya!

But enough of me and my praises. I guess I’m kind of biased because im “in like Flynn” with the project. But this isnt really a review. Its more about my experience. Glad to have you checking in regardless……

Check it out and support. In any order you like. Shout outs to King Underground. Kudos!


….and by the way my Ep is near completion .. It’s going to be a great year… 🙂






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