TIC TAC TOE! by Drumz n’ Llingo


This is another one of those moments where everything just goes right.  Me, JR, and LP basically playing our aces and scoring over some much needed New York style “Boom Bap”, Hip Hop music. The recording of this song over in Sunny Side with the homies went just as well as the video shoot. Then Romen Rok’s directing and editing made it all worth while running through our Hip Hop landmark otherwise known as 5pointz. Shout outs to Meres and the Local Project for letting us be. Bottom line we’re all pretty much seasoned vets and know how to do this…..SON! Shouts to the KDP crew including Drumatic and Llingo. “Tic Tac Toe” is coming out  and shipping in May so check the KDP site to pre-order up the vinyl piece along with a pretty cool poster and other goodies in store! 


Keep that SP12 Banging! Word to Pete!


I’ll be back with more…. EZ!





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