I love music……….

So we are all here officially in the month of Black history and Black music. Allow me to share my spirit of this thing I love the most in life. Ladies dont be jealous! Me and music been @*%king for a long time now. and I know you still luh my conquerstyle. (heh heh)

As you listen to the legendary Ojays say it better than anyone (in my humble opinion) just think about how much music has affected your own life. For me its been since i was toddler all the way up to now .. i caught the bug of being a musician real early in my life. My mom and pops bought so many records (umm thats vinyl for the young ones) over the time that when I was finally  able to reach over and put the needle to the record I had a plenty of listening going on…. mostly by myself or being harassed by one of my brothers of sorts. My sister was a huge MJ fan back then ..and i mean HUGE!. These records usually lead to plenty of weekend parties at the crib.  Seeing my parents and friends friends dancing, drinking, laughing very jovial in a East Flatbush apartment had me highly enthused until… “hey terry, you wanna dance?”   .. that question usually led to me being scared to death. I usually cried my way out of those situations. The truth is I was the most shyest, insecure young cutie pie you’ve ever seen. Still I could express myself the best thru the sounds of joy, of hurt, of complexity, and just ..randomness. Through out my thirty somn years of life, I realized how important it really is to us humans in general. You cant hold it, or see it but you can hear it, and feel it. Such are the mysteries we have yet to figure.

Being an artist also means being laughed at, being verbally abused, being looked at as a lowly figure with no real future and many more downers of sorts. A dreamer! I can open a can of snakes of the many massive traumatizing things that have happened in my life. I don’t know an artist who never felt hurt in their time. But as with anything in life you have to thicken your skin, get around a more uplifting circle of people, and move forward. There’s always a close friend or loved ones who may not understand why but if your artistry is that true to yourself they’ll eventually respect the belief. But you have to show and prove. Tough love has no other definition. It just is!

To the ones receiving the support towards their dreams….Dont take it for granted…. for real!



My homie Dj Rekon played the Delusional record at this bar I where caught the Superbowl. I hadn’t listened to it for a long while so this song being revisited felt pretty new again yet still sarcastically powerful. Remembering where your inspirations came from and how far you’ve gotten is always a huge gasp of realization. This was never totally about becoming a rockstar. It was about inspiring myself and everyone around me to be successful at whatever it is. Im sure there are some who’ll look at my name and beg to differ. Truth is the meaning of “To Rule And Conquer” is about becoming confident enough to get through the many insecurities you may have or may not have noticed you have. For me its like I learn something new about myself everyday in life and its all coming out of me musically. So, I continue to learn….and learn…and learn…

For instance, my love for Dnb is like having 2 kids, one named Hip Hop and the other named Jungle. Youre showing so much to love one that you forget the other… only to find out you’ve always loved the neglected kid more and more down the line. Comprende? If NYC is the melting pot of culture then Junglist were part of the ingredients. So many raves, so many outlaw parties were filled with just about every kind of human you can think of and all were partying under one roof. Its crazy like that sometimes. I kind of joke around saying that the father of my beloved Hip Hop Kool Herc actually threw the first rave in world ..and didn’t realize it ..hmmm…. There might just be some truth to that…..

If it wasnt for this gift that i have then id probably be a novelist, a journalist, or some kind of creative writer of some sort. writing is a passion that i have its pretty relaxing and therapeutic for me. If I have something on my mind well… i jot it down…its simple.. and it works! who wouldve thought?


Expect a whole bunch of love from me coming your way in the near this year.

While im at it… To Lori Faith, you will be missed plenty here on earth. I will remember your spirit and let it live on. Thanks for your love and belief in me! RIP





Happy Black history month y’all! Celebrate and enjoy all 28 days of it!



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