2012 was a blast……….Recap!


while jamming out to some upcoming music, the man we’ve known and loved for many years takes a sip of wine, sits in front of the comp and says….(hiccup)….

#Thank you…..

My goodness, this year was a goody. It started off a bit somber for me, as my grandma passed in early January. Nonetheless I thanked her for a father who continues to be a great inspiration. I’ve got a whole bunch of love for family in general and that’s just good enough for me. (RIP GRAND MA! I will always love you)

Another RIP shout goes to my childhood friend Laura Danclair. We have all come a long way and we’re all grown up but to this day I can’t think of one bad thing she’s ever done in life – a very genuine person who I’m glad I grew up with in my younger, wild Brownsville years. Much love to the whole Danclair family and friends.

….and of course RIP and thank you to some of my influences…. Whitney, Marva, Brubeck, Castor, Cornelius, Dick Clark, MCA, Donna, Chucky Brown, ..and also to “Mr. Jefferson”, Sherman Hemsley.

#Soap Box

I type this out fully recovering from one my happiest moments this year, which was just simply hanging and partying with some of the most homiest of homies… and homegirls, too. A few sips of the favorite drink, some great music and plenty of good vibes at an over-packed bar. Salute to my Digital Konfusion homies! Golden Child held me down this year as well and I’m super grateful for all the things we got involved in. Needless to say, he was at the party as well. I’m glad to know every one of you…

It’s been another year full of ups ‘n’ downs, troubles ‘n’ triumphs, trials ‘n’ tribulations. Through it all, I’m still as passionate and driven as I’ve ever been. I think of myself as a lucky person to still to be able to MC and give you good music. The musician in me will always be there.

I also want to send a special shout to the true heads of the scene(s) who respect what I do with a mic and not try to write me off as some cheap thrill of an MC. At this point I believe I’ve paid way too many dues, rocked too many stages, and saved way too many parties from borderline bad nights. Being professional is something I try to be because all it takes is one slip and you’re written off that quickly. No one is perfect and at times it feels like when one person does something silly we somehow are all responsible for the mishap. I’m not a “free drink ticket MC” and if I do a favor, it means I’m showing love and support to an already ailing scene. It’s not to be taken for granted…. !…. Nonetheless I move on…

My goals have never really changed and as much as I gripe about this life, I have also witnessed many successes from me and my homies alike. Patience is really a virtue but being too still gets nothing done. In 2013, I plan to raise my bar even higher..as I’m supposed to do..

..and a special shout to the new girl in the dnb weekly scene Ariella. Remedy was an ingenious creation. Glad to be a part of it…

Nonetheless music came out ..

Shout outs to A Lil Rooster.The homie out in Paris who dropped a nice little Ep. We did a funky little tune right there. My ode to Hip Hop. Salute!


It’s always, ALWAYS a pleasure whenever I link with Marc on a project. This song, where I reminisce about the good youthful times along with the homie Baron, is a very special record, one which I think I’ll be playing for a long bit. If you still haven;t checked out the “Hipology” album, my advice is to get this gem pronto. A quick shout to John Robinson and Notes to Self.

Blunted Astronauts ….

Another crazy A and B side vinyl banger from BAR, “SOT” was sort of an ode to the label itself. Seeing the logo gave the idea a bit, but it wasn’t until I heard those amazing horns that it all became reality. It was an amazing time chilling in Sunny Side Queens to see both of these records come together. Like magic!(Waddup Lewis) Introducing you to the world of D Melodious (aka Dee Mel) whose production was worth the moment takes this up another notch . I’m sure you’ll hear more of Dee’s work soon enough. He’s working on it (wink!). A big thank you Kuba and the BAR heads for the continued support. next year we’ll take em higher…

….. DJ DOOM! DXA! Ice Rocks Waddup?

So my Canadian comrades Grindhouse Got me “Ready”….

….along with fellow Brooklynite/Canandian Amy Kickz We got “on it”

Came back to Brooklyn and Hired Gun had me running and fighting for our freedom…..

…and then there was my Drummin’ and Bassin’….

This love I have for Drum and Bass is as good as any Hip Hop record that I feel the same about. The 2 genres are one in the same. Didn’t know? Maybe I’ll blog about that some time.
There were plenty of amazing moments from rocking with The Upbeats, A-sides, The Roni Sizes, the Daras, The ODI’s, The Goldies, The SS’s, The Bukems, The Stunnas, The Place 42’s of which the last 2 probably threw one of the best parties in NY this year….

If want to hear the full set, here’s the soundcloud link
as for the future……


Time only stops at the speed of light and with that said (nerd), I’m pretty stoked to give you new music already. Being patient enough is key, as I don’t want you to miss a thing I’m involved in. Some Dnb projects, some dope Hip Hop projects, some videos, collabos and of course some touring around the globe. Lord knows I need to fly away for a bit. Shout outs to Wally Pish Posh, Paul SG, Proper Villains, Lewis Parker, Marc Mac, Buscrates, Dee Mel .. plenty of stuff coming on all sides.

Besides, Doomsday for me was just a visit to the dentist.. and OMG!

There are a lot of people who have always kept me high in spirits along this path. We all gotta reach our plateaus of destiny. I’ll definitely be as positive as I can be and keep along this progressive path. Still, I need to step it up more.

Happy New years to everyone and I’ll see you in the one-three!




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