Tune up: ” This is How We On It” (Amy Kickz)

When I first met Amy Kickz over at Sunnyside HQ, my first impressions were shes pretty cool. Then…(gasp!)… whats this?… I heard the Canadian accent. All of a sudden I became a Torontorian again. “You did the “Micheal J Fox” record?” …. “Cheers Eh?”

This is how we on it

This joint was pretty fun to do . I got to watch LP dig thru the crates, find some funky shit, take it apart, then put it together in pure Hip Hop fashion. All before Amy walked thru the door. Serious!
Nonetheless, thoughts of a verse were pressed on blackberry buttons and then the “infamous hookmaker” comes up with another catchy one. Amy came with it on the close out and the final result is another fun record with 3 people getting drizzy off the Tennessee Honey Rum in the studio….. With a juice chaser of course!

So listen and enjoy yourselves! Shout outs to LP the hardest working Jedi i know!
Miss ya Tdot! . I need to pay a visit… gotta work on that….



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