Tune up: Sea of Tranquility/ Show Ready…(Ya Know?)

….And so the fall is upon us. A season when the air stays cool, the leaves turn colors and when jackets and hoodies are often worn. Of course there will always be a few knuckle heads walking around in wear that dosent make sense. The summer is over kid!… move on….

….and now for my next hit…….

Lift off!

So, Ive been pretty quiet with new music lately because the “artist” in me said I should take time to put out quality. I sure dont want to just give you just a record. Music should have much more meaning besides being at the club or whatever gangsterism is occurring at the moment. Besides all of that, im just not in the mood right now….

And then..(swooosh!)

….Really Kuba?

Here come our good friends over at Blunted Astronaut landing their spaceship in my front yard (Really?), and they have come here to promote their next project. This next vinyl release is a special one. BAR has been here for about a year filled with quality Hip Hop releases and dope art covers. The trend continues with yours truly dropping a stunner of a record titled “Sea Of Tranquility”…
For a better view of the Moon…Click!..

Its all about being in your comfort zone and enjoying the quiet, zoning moment: Your tranquil space, your focus! When Dee first let me hear this beat i knew it was going to be special. The swing is crazy but those horns take you out the stratosphere and into another place of peace. Its like the eye of a storm, very calm and cool yet eerily viable. Of course the nerds and the geeks (my homies!….and yours too) will immediately catch the title’s reference to our loving moon and one of its many seas. It’s the spot where man first touched down. As for the second time around…umwell… just peep the artwork and come up with your own conclusion.

Why do you think they call us Blunted Astronauts Captain? ……heh heh….. now wheres the Crunch n Munch…..

…And For my B side heads theres absolutely no let-downs here… “Show Ready” is a “head noddin'”, “James Brownin”(rip), “Hip-Hoppin'”, “Party Shockin'” and “Show Rockin'” jizzoint! Old school refs aside, its all about being ready to rock the crowd as we hit ya with the “know”. …ya know? complete with shouts to the homies and from all over… can you dig it? 🙂

All of the amazing production was done by the homie D. Melodious aka Ujima straight out of Brooklyn. A fella i believe you should get more acquainted with. For real!

So all this good music is coming to you in the form of a clear jacket with a clear 12′ vinyl pictured with artwork along with the 1yr anniversary sticker. Crazy to believe that 12 months has flown by since the “Stay True” record with Drumz and Ice Rocks. BAR celebrates….kudos!

A quick shout out to Mr. Krum for seeing the vision then turning it in to creative illustration. check out his blog Mr.Krum for other dabbles of artwork..salute!
…and another To Lewis Parker over at Sunnyside HQ .. great engineering bredrin ..

….Check Bluntedastronaut.com pre-orders are officially launched. The record comes out in November.
…and theres much more to come my peeps… im back on my blog biz… we’ll chat again

On Twitter
The Network is availble on CD, Itunes and most digi outlets
Rewired ( the remix album)


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