Think You Know Hip Hop?

As an MC my heart, blood, and soul is pure Hip Hop. Not only do i love Hip Hop i live it, Breathe it, eat it, paid a few bills with it, not exactly ballin out with it but.. yada yada.

As an artist i’ve been lucky to get my music to new grounds and into new places across the globe.. truth be told my music has more frequent flyer miles than i do .(sigh) ….Personal jealousy becomes an obvious emotion…

And let me state this again… and again.. and again…. When you see me on rocking to some Drum n Bass or even to some Dubtsep know that im doing it from a Hip Hop perspective. No selling out, its being handled on strictly skill of Mc’n and rocking a crowd. Too many so called hip hoppers are way too close minded when some of your favorite producers and artist listen to, and are fans of EVERYTHING.(“light Bulb”…a new blog comes to thought) i digress …..

France has a love for Hip Hop like us here in the states has. In some cases they seem to know their stuff really well and also “kept it realer” than what we’ve been putting out lately (just an opinion). As the Boom Bap era re-emerges here in the states, it has never left our french compadres at all.. Because of this faithful undying love from across yonder I now have my Rosetta Stone installed …..salute

Which Brings me to the Beatknockaz newest addition to the crew of producers. A Little Rooster hails straight from Paris. This is his “Poor Forever” EP debut on Lzo Records. its a free download for a limited time. Either way, when it hits retail ie: itunes, and some rumored vinyl copies, it should be good for your support. There are all around pretty good features on here all from the States including Encyclopedia Brown, Warren Wint, Mav, and Flawell Voc (VOOOOOOOC!) Meantime peep yours truly on “Think You Know” Repping that double H to the fullest..

Shouts to the Chi-town homie Diaz Millenia…. i’l catch y’all on the next one.



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