TRAC’s Hipology…..unplugged……

I’d like to invite y’all to this moment of Hipology. It took some serious thought of what does it mean to me and what brought me here to Hip Hop itself. Being a native New Yorker inspirations are only a second away. There is so much going on in a minute that anything can happen…and it usually does! This place is like nothing else…..

When Marc Mac first brought me in to the project i wasnt sure of what to say or what to touch on. I’ve seen way too much to just touch on one thing. I’m one of many Hip Hop’s babies that were totally overloaded with this culture. I tried Dj’n (blend skills indeed) Graffin’ (not for me..heh heh) BBoyin’ (I gots a lil rhythm), Beat-boxin’ (eh..nothing to brag about) and ofcourse…MC’n (Yay!)

It was only right that Baron aka (Drue Davis) was part of this as well. When we did “Back In Time” it was a time of reflecting on our greatest moments of being young as well as our horrors. Things came out pretty amazing in the end but to reach that far back had me a bit in awe of what ive been thru and how far ive come along. “….Life is Golden, Stay Shining”

I promise this blog wont be College Paper long. I can go on for days about how many great people i borrowed from .. i’ll bring up just few huge moments….

with that being said heres a piece of hipology….

A Tribe Called Quest….

Without question my adolescence was filled with my hat turned backwards, baseball jerseys n caps, baggy jeans n tims, making rap demos, shorties… and Tribe! These guys in my opinion were one of those cant do no wrong groups in hip hop. Favorites by far are the first 4 albums although i love the whole catalog. Not too long ago i sat down with homies River Nelson, Lewis Parker, FTL, and Baron over some (Hot damn!)soul food and had a crazy discussion of .. which is better, Midnight Marauders or Low End theory? Comparing the albums tune for tune we came to the conclusion that it took one to make the other. I’m mostly a Midnight Maurauders type a guy but eh.. i digress……
Artistically these showed me being cool didnt mean you had to be the toughest and roughest cat from the hood. Lawd knows i sure wasnt. But i aint no punk either… im from brownsville son!!! ( BK applauds!!!)

Pete Rock n CL Smooth, Gang Starr

These 2 groups were part of my “go to” albums. Their catalogs never let me down once. From Gurus classic monotone to cl’s smooth delivery, to Primos Crazy scratches and chops to Petes amazingly soulful production. In my opinion these 2 groups were hip hops true upgrade… that next level up…. and then came Dilla …heh heh……

Musically speaking i always loved soul music. So Hip Hops Interpretation on Jazz, rock and Rnb just made sense.. especially when it was done right.. its just somn you cant describe and only feel….

That being said not all my Hipology is all from Hip Hop. a lot of things were just these great pieces of works from other genres and art form. Again, there is too many to mention so i’ll keep it simple for ya…..

Without a doubt MJ’s Off The Wall, from beginning to end, is one of my most cherished albums ever.. I could never really explain why as a kid i played it a gazillion times ..”singing the lyrics off the jacket”. I just know i liked it a whole lot…. and so did my sister.. Hey Sis!….Hey Cait! (sigh!).. i’ll see yall soon..

..and then there was this………

Im sorry, but if you know anything about this culture of mines then you how this is the not only the first, but the ONLY real Hip Hop Show ever made… God bless Ralph Mcdaniels for bring this to my televison with the iron hanger as an antenna just to watch this right after school. I Got to see all my favorites not just for music vids but also clips of them rocking live on stage. One of my favorites had to be when Mary J. showed up and sung Be Happy live at a party Ralph had thrown. I was blown away. You know the hood respects Ralph when cats steal your Jeep then return it to you in mint condition along with an apology. This is pure vintage stuff here.

As Far as movies..well.. heres a few of them..

The Wiz iz the Shiz….
Krush Groove .. was watching this next to a fly chick .. at a Camp in the woods upstate NY… For real!!
American Psycho… …. How Totally American of me……

These must be hard to find figurines … but “Enter the Dragon” was one i watched with my mom n dad in the theatre.. with a smile in my face….

“Fist of the North Star”, “Do the Right Thing” and Malcom X gets an honorable mention..

……And oh there is more!.. I havent even begun to scrape the surface of my Raggae ragga, calypso background. I am a Yankee born Guyanese fella after all … My brother when he was a dj use to do crazy gigs throughout the city…Big Speakers n all….Then add the fact that these raggae cats use come to my part of the neighborhood all the time. I use to live blocks from the Legendary Third World….. Always marveled at the tour bus parked on the block when i was headed to school. Plus all these legendary block parties where these fellas would show up and just kill it!!!!…(sigh) maaaaaaaaaan I LOVE RAGGAE!

So yeah, you got to see a just piece of me thru my Hipology minus the fly album cover (i wish)… But what is it for you? Was it the Shelltoes? Was it the Karl Kani? The Hilfiger? Classic lo’ and Jordans? …Mike Tyson? Black Leathers and 8 ball Jackets? its all on your perspective of your surroundings. Hip Hop is so universal that it can all make sense.

Think about that while youre checking out Marc Mac’s New Visioneers project “Hipology”. its a great piece of work and one i highly recommend… Along the with homies Notes to Self, John Robinson, Jimetta Rose, Baron, and yours truly as guest features there are songs that give a glimpse of some of Marc’s influences in his music life…. enjoy it, study it, then replay it…..

peep the snippet …Limited Vinyl at record stores…. CD’s drop this June

A quick Respect and Love to all pioneers before, those that are still here with us, and those that left us with these great masterpieces …. salute!



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