Hip Hop workout joints that’ll PUMP… (CLAP!)….. YOU UP!!!

I have a confession to make people … I have been slacking on my excersizing… yeah i have been putting in some work but its not consistent… i start i stop i start i stop i … Hey, is that burger king down the block?

Its not that im totally out of shape or anything…dont think the ladies are complaining …not yet at least. But i think i need to step up mentally and physically but right now Mr.Mental is winning the race leaving the flabby boy way behind….its not suppose to be this way thats going change starting with this blog …

Besides i like it when i have enough breath run and jump around on a mic on stage in front of huge crowds and hot lights not feeling too exhausted. oh trust its always a workout when your performing ..a shout to all my hard working peers out there…

So for now im putting the Jaylib down and picking some new joints for this new soundtrack. with reasons included…..

“Crank” by Shabaam Sahdeeq
This is Shabaam tellin you straight up he on his game…. and you not …
What a song to use to set up your routines. This song is “Badass” if you ask me. So start stretching out and Make sure you take the needed fuel (or Crank) for the long haul. Besides the homie is doing push ups in the video telling you “Adrenalin rush/Ya heart pump faster/ Pump faster/Catch up, you backwards!”
TRAC advice: You Amped? Well Get to work!!!!

“Back on my Regiment” Stic.Man feat Divine
“Im Back on my workout/ Back on my Regiment” … i guess they talking about me right now(lawd knows!). The real is, Sticman was getting “swole like Tookie”(R.I.P.) in the vid and some of us out here are bullshittin! well… i can only speak for myself at the moment ( more violins please?)
TRAC advice: I recommend playing this song around your first couple sets. Ah! that first feeling of accomplishment ……

“Im the King” Soundscape featuring T.R.A.C.
At first i felt like this was a shameless plug but after seeing the viewership…which is over a hundred thousand right now…. I have to beg to differ. This is a joint i did for the Reebok Zigtech series. Its pretty much the long version of the commercial that some how found its way to you tube and now people from all over are putting in some serious gym work. A Shout to one of my favorite boxers Amir Kahn to whom this song was made for. If you ever need a ring walk MC one day then lets do it .. heh heh! (aw man..) Now i really got to get in shape…
TRAC advice:Consider this your mid-song workout . Keep things going after that 1 minute rest.

Ok one more…

Pifftown Workout Video feat the Barmasters..
Strictly for the advanced! ..Complete with hard ass rhymes that match
There is nothing i can say to save you from this workout. Not only is it good for you its straight from the “hood”! Anybody who’s ever seen the Barmaster vids where they do these crazy calisthenics in the city parks already know what i mean …
TRAC Advice: You know what? why not?…You only live once..For real!!!

Well thats about it. Drink up those fluids and give yourself enough rest for the next day…
Im tired… EZ!



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