Stay True: Blunted Astronauts

…..Back on it…

I had the opportunity to work with some cool folks over at the newly formed Blunted Astronaut Records(UK). Besides me liking the name (and the logo for that matter), the label comes off as the type that actually has love for the music and what it stands for. (But…dont they all TRAC?” my inner voice). Sarcasm aside, teaming up with label Pres. Kuba to help with the grand launch wasnt a problem at all for me.

This all happened because of Philly native and Sp1200 fanatic Drumatic (KicDrumproducts)who caught a whiff of me from previous unreleased joints I did some time ago. Through a couple of co-signs Drumatic and I talked about linking up in the future so it was only right he sent some production for me to check out. In between that time i was in the mist of finishing up on other projects so time was scarce. While on a routine “GO Bus” ride to toronto i finally got the chance listen. I heard a couple that i liked…..until….. there was this smooth jazzy sample accompanied by some soulful bluesy horns. I mustve played it a millions times since that moment….. I was “straight zonin”…..


Stay True became the name of the project just because of the many talks i had about music, life and todays quarrels in society. Its nothing too preachy and im surely not the one to preach it. Its more a self-celebratory thing for those who feel they’ve gotten things right and on their own terms. Music with a message all done in a true Hip-Hop fashion. as it should be.

Shouts to “Ice Rocks” of the DX Army for adding and enhancing the moment with his BBQ remix. Liquors and beats at grandmas studio. I will always cherish the moment…

So the music is now a finished product complete with clear 7 inch vinyl cuts, stickers and some pretty nice artwork all on limited copies. With some upcoming tee’s n such to come soon this makes it pretty much worth the cop to collect, or if you miss that warm vinyl sound. MP3’s are to follow sometime in the near.


Ok enuff of the rapper talking, check out the songs for yourselves and let them know how you feel about it …

One Life, One Love!!!
Blunted Astronaut
Blunted Astronaut on Facebook

Drumatic nightime mix

Ice Rocks BBQ mix

Will be back with more to come soon..
Check the debut release The Network on itunes


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