Interview: Toronto’s G5 Urban show

……..Back at ya!

Upon my stays up in good ol Toronto, I got the chance to witness growth in action amongst the few people I ran into. One of them is none other than the energetic busy body known as DJ Jase Cozmic aka Black Irish.

Truth be told, while networking with Coz I must’ve at least lost a few unwanted pounds from just running around the city and touching base with industry heads and artist alike. But it was that kind of ground work and dedication that led this fella along with DJ Killa Beckz in to forming a popular indie radio show known as G5.


You might have caught me co hosting and interviewing from time to time with fellow co host Carla Magna. Regardless, the show has became a great base for upcoming Canadian artist to show their talent(s) along with your more established artist. Did i mention Coz can B-boy and “Break” like no other? “The boy gets down with his….”

So reppin’ for the G5 crew is the man himself…. check it out


1. I know that you and Beckz are True Hip Hop Canadian vets of the scene. What got you started to be involved in this Culture?

I got involved from the Dance side of Hip Hop culture, My older Brother used to dance and beat box so I was
exposed to Hip Hop early from about 8 or 9 yrs old. Along with spending a lot of time in Queens NY I would dance
at the block party both here in T.O and in NY.

2.To me, the hip hop culture in Toronto is very alive and the music speaks for itself with the fact you have some veteran Artists, graffers and Dancers all showing their love in every shape or form. Can you give a little chat of how Hip Hop got started in Tdot?

Honestly I can’t say when it got started cuz I’ve always been apart of it. For as long as I could remember I saw Hip Hop
on both sides of the border. There was never a time when Hip Hop didn’t exist when I was home in T.O.

3.What are some of your favorite all time records?

I would have to say Diamond D The Stunts & Blunts Album, Da La Soul’s Breakadawn single and King Just Warriors Drum single. Bcuz thats when I first started Djing
and I used to love cutting the instrumentals.

4. Who are some of your favorite artist?
Can’t Say I have any favorites there are too many artist to enjoy for me to have a favorite, plus like a lot of different styles. Hip Hop open me up to different types of
music on a whole. Jazz from Big Daddy, Tribe, DITC, Organized Confusion , Gang Starr R.I.P GuRu and most east coast artist Shoot you member Son of Berserk yeah Man!
Funk from the west coast Ice.T, MC. Eight, REN, DR. Dre, N.W.A Snoop, Spice One.
Then I got into House and Electronic from Jungle Brothers and the whole UK explosion of MC’s Dudes can’t even try to remember Tricky Soul to Soul Love and Laughter
Dang! I could go on… Even Reggae lots of Heads were using reggae samples in their tunes too.

5. We are in 2011 and we still hear the talk of how hip hop is dead. .. what are your thoughts on this and how can we save it, if it is indeed on its deathbed?
Chris the teacher KRS One said that “we must embrace the future not be afraid of it” So I’ve believe in that. We have to embrace what’s going on in the 20now .
I feel Nas said Hip Hop was dead cuz to him it felt like it. Hip Hop gives you a voice when you want to be heard. He said it and made a dope record too.
I just don’t feel cats that say it’s dead and make weak records dissing everything or making no records at all.
Plus as Hip Hop lovers we had our time like our parents had their time with their music and trust me their parents our grand parents didn’t like what they were listening too back then.
Everybody has the right to an opinion, but’s it your actions that really matter for those who think its dead don’t listen to the Hip Hop that makes you feel like it’s dead.
Honestly I think the heads that said it was dead or thought that. Did something about it, and that’s why the Hop has gotten better, they made that BOOM BAMP we love and kids are starting to as well…

6. You and Beckz have done a slew of parties across the Dot in your time…any favorites?
The Soul Sessions at Rear View Mirror would go down as the best but I know there is better to come. I’m always looking for the next big memory or thrill life’s too short.
R.I.P all those who aren’t here with us now we’ll be all together again. One Love.

7. Lets Talk about G5 Canadian Urban show on Indieloveradio. The show has done a service to many upcoming local artist as well as pretty known entertainers. The show has been an underground success in general. How did the show gain its notoriety?
We just push it. I mean it not only for us to spin but for new artist to be heard. Simple! I just want to give artist that feeling of “yo their playing my song”
Spread love, get love.

9. Any favorite indie artist you see doing the some great things later?

8. WOW! a few… T.R.A.C. no plug intended but you really are getting it in my dude. Trace Motivate, Mr. Matrix, HL, R-Tripz, Nyce Touch SEP, Lisa Banton even our own Carla Magna
and list goes on trust me.

10. Anything planned for the future that you can hint us with?
Just trying to tour. I wanna see the world and link, learn from other heads out there. You know Drake says it best “everybody dies but not everybody lives” really thats some
ish. in fact the world is huge and so is Hip Hop.

10. Anything planned for the future that you can hint us with?

Thanks for talk fellas.
Thank you for the time I wish all the best in your adventures and keep us on the mailing list …….
100 Shadang!


The G5 Canadian Urban Mixshow airs every Thursday night at 1030pm to 1230am E on
Follow Coz on
G5 Facebook group
…Till we blog again….

check out The Network on BBE records


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