Excursions Pt 2. Biking in Vienna

Hip Hop, Shmip Shmop, Lets get outta here for sec…

With all the madness going on with promoting myself, the album, and rocking out at these crazy parties downtime has not been easy to come by. Even as i write this blog im doing it in the wee hrs of the morning. Fortunately for me there came some moments of downtime that had to be taken.

Shout outs to Lou (Amir inks) for the foot walk across this gorgeous city. I swear everything looks like its been in a James Bond flick. From first impressions Vienna feels like the 80’s in NYC minus the smog and the high crime rate. Very beautiful on the eye especially looking at these old styled buildings n such.


Shouts to the homie Jackson as well..somehow we found more time… and then we found bike time which seems like the proper way to view the city if you can manage the grueling traffic. Stopping at red lights and dodging street cars? Ive been a bad new yorker. the way the bikes paths are created it seems to take you on a journey past historical spots throughout the city.. I didnt have a camera, but lucky for me ummmm……


Along the biking we decided to check some Graff along the Danube River. They actually have a graffiti zone in Vienna. Cool stuff…

Spotted by a clown…

A very hungry cannibal..

I should always feel this way….

Music is the language I….

Some cool text graff…





im guessing that Skit knows his sh*t…..

Ok… TRAC FTW ….and im out! more to come…

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