On the shine #1..Preach Jacobs

Fresh off my Tribe moment in BK Im back once again(horns)!!!..Q tip just gave a memorable performance with a “hella” bunch of surprise guesses. Being it was my first time catching him in action i surely acted my shoe size on that fateful day ..pity me, pity me.. but I was refreshed!!!!

So its only right that the shine right now goes to the homie Preach. Dude is a tribe lover like me and the inspiration shows in his music. Straight from Columbia, South Carolina dude has been making some moves with a few projects under his belt including one with Nicolay and a future project with Marc Mac(waddup!)

Some good stuff here.. Peep these 2 of my favs which is “Falling” and the just released on Sounds Familiar Records “Go Back”



New Joint “Go Back”

EZ y’all ….i’ll be back soon … no joke

TRAC’s BBE debut release “The Network”(produced by MArc Mac) is Available on CD’s Itunes and most digital outlets



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