And so “the heavens” began to shine…..

So you know this road is a looong ride with some twist n turns that you’d really hate to experience.. But you live and you learn thus, becoming smarter, more grateful, or more of an ass. We all celebrate different at the finish line.

heh heh

So you know i got nothing but love for Toronto, Canada. Not just the town itself but the quality of people that i ran into has been a really great thing. Of course not every Canadian is classy but im glad to say I havent ran into much of the cornballs up there. Along with learning about how much family I have all around the GTA, i can call this place truly my second home.


And so begins the story of how a video was born…..

My comrad Decoy (waddup!) basically made a “promo vid” for youtube which was done to get more people to know about me and this project I’ve been doing with Marc Mac of the legendary crew 4hero. The video basically gave face to one of the songs on this amazingly (unheard) album with a most famous scene from the movie “The Network”. So while Mr. Biel ranted away you’d see these “Star Wars lettering” of an upcoming website, Along the details you see a link to the Nickztape ….which you still can download by the way…..

After a couple of views i saw a pretty interesting comment from Popped Art aka Ms. Diana Pop. She basically liked the material she heard. For any artist that kind of compliment is always pretty encouraging. 2 things atr that time became irony:

1. I was just talking to Marc on the phone about getting some vids done prior to clicking on her channel.

2. Diana is actually a student of film.. and soon to be a graduate

…..and so became the network….

I sent her an email asking if she would be interested in shooting a simple music video. Nothing too shabby, just some pretty good visual stuff. Her reply was just as encouraging. It was like clockwork for some reason. you just go with the flow and let things be. It was a blessing from “the heavens”!

Kieran Heilbron comes in on another “whim” for we were looking for someone with a good quality camera to get involved. First impression of Kieran was this guy is way too cocky for me (pause). The problem is it wasnt cockiness, it was all pure confidence coming from this fella. Oh Canadians!
respect to the both of them…For real!!!!

Bottom line, i had to take care of some expenses and we were ready to go!

I was really impressed on storyboarding from Diana. Pretty much things i had questions about were answered all in good detail. It just made sense! she’s a skilled writer and once we got the location she knew how she wanted it. Kieran saw the idea, added his own bag of tricks and what you get is 3 giddy people standing around in Kensington market.

I want to give a special thank you to the people of Kensington Market for just being understanding. 2 days of just not disturbing the peace..and buying early morning breakfast at the diner…I love breakfast!

and so the fun begins……….

I’d say the most hardest part of shooting the vid was to get all the people to show up and hang around long enough. I think I spoke to just about everybody i know up there… which wasnt much… we had a few no shows (booooo!) still we sure had enough to get things going…

Secondly we almost didnt shoot on the first day because of scattered rain. but as the day progressed the rain stopped and we shot.

Another challenge was to try and find some “good enough” ladies for the crowd shot. even though Tdot is filled with some gorgeous women they all just dont hang out with each other on a Saturday morning looking for guest spots on a random video. but the ones we found were so down for it including a birthday girl whose name i forgot. Kudos ladies! there was also a pretty green eyed lady that i picked and whom i wished i followed up on during the shoot. too busy lost in the work…

But to Ms.pretty green eyes if you ever read this blog hopefully im still single… holla 🙂

To the marvelous and gorgeous Natalie Baksh, you did just right for the role. Don’t you worry soul sistah!

Shout out to Big George John for helping me out with the Rear View Mirror scene. It was only right we did it there man. Mucho respect for that bro.

To Coz and Major,Beckz, Cousin Alex, Disco, my homie Trace Mo i thank you all for your energy…ENERGY!… especially you Coz!!!

And for the record….thats actually tobacco…. not weed sillys! We’re trying to shoot a video here!.. but um…. “smoke” was involved…

like the heavens

Another special shout to Stan Verbitsky the editor, who came in and basically multi tasking with his stuff and mines to give the video its lovely animations. A real superb job man!

.…and so the heavens began to…

Ok no more thank yous for now.. this has been very fun for a first music vid and i hope you enjoy this. take a look…..

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nickztape on free dl

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for shows or any other inquiries you can contact at


2 thoughts on “And so “the heavens” began to shine…..”

    1. For life Dan!!!… but my Mets hat ws back in NY…. how sad?

      I was raised a yank fan first tho … those free bats and can make a fan of anyone…lol

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