Surprise, Surprise……!

PRE 459: What about if we get on top of this truck? TRAC: Lets try it out (click!)…. a convo at 5 points,Queens NYC

The Network-album cover

Ive been running from writing blogs for fear of speaking way too much…I dont want to be seen as a blog-er mouth… but this is a special moment for me.. and special means away!!!

(Emotional Nickz)… for anyone who knows me, know that i am one dreamy, one talented and persistent mofo… Lets get real, Ive been a loyalist to music … I done gave yrs away for just the enjoyment ..In some circles its considered a sickness and in others its a love moment that continues to only to get better. Both are totally right in perception. We could prepare ourselves for a planned straight future all we want, only to not really achieve what you might have set out for. Everybody hates plan b’s but plan b could be a savior..(….really TRAC?) as well as a way of saying settle for the next best. Thats not a bad thing..(really!) But, if I ever gotten a chance to do something I love at a full experience i just cant walk away from it. Viewing things in this current time, Im glad I still have this chance to shine and hopefully this is a moment not to be forgotten…..

….The moment is here people! this album took about 2yrs and 3 countries to come to life! that means ive been traveling cross borders and sending big files across the internet to Marc so that this project can get completed. The miracle of it is …Its one very, very good hip hop album and my best work to date (wink!). 100 percent of my “blood, sweat, and tears” (overused cliche’) went into this. Imagine many, many sleepless rainy nights with thunder lightning in the background, trees shaking waywardly from a strong wind gust, and me on front of some speakers blasting Marc’s instrumentals sweat dripping from my pours on every written word that came to mind…. “Oh the pain, oh the agony!”……then… “Its alive!” (“thunder crackle”)

(Sister): Its late….could you please turn the music down?

…I was pretty quick on what i wanted to do… somewhere in the middle of Canada and amongst a few new strangers and me trying to find myself I just….. zoned out .. At a time i was thinking of my plan b something special was happening. I was making new friends including the homie Stitch 7 who sat with me thru most of the recording of this album. Of course there were bumps n stuff to get over but i made it through all of the surrounding madness. God Bless…..

TRAC: Yo PRE!.. the people on the crossing 7 train are looking at me funny ….like what? Pre459: Dont worry yo. just point your fingers to the sky (click) .. some chatter at 5 points Queens, NYC.

…..and so now that the journey has begun I want to take time to say thank you everyone who has helped in this journey be it small or big. At this point everything counts and I really appreciate it. There is so much more for me to do and since I have the keys its now time to put it in the ignition then put it in gear…Its a good thing I re-newd by drivers license….

… and so is my Passport!!!!

……..further en devours…. breathe in, breathe out… and keep Networking…
heh heh
“Like heavens” ……the video… coming soon… i’ll blog about it

The Network (produced by Marc Mac) will be released April 25th on BBE records, 2011… also available on itunes or where ever you get your music from….. enjoy!!
Check the Preview of the Network

Nickztape Vol. 1


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