2010 was …..Time, Progress, and Changes!

F/X has the movies!…….F/X has the….. whoa, its about to be over soon?
me talking to myself

The world as i know it..........

The year isn’t over yet and i feel like I’m already into the new year. Truthfully I’m in no rush. I’d rather cruise and enjoy these last few weeks of what has been a very productive and enjoying year. Of course there were lumps and many challenges along the way but the best part of it is.. you live, you learn, and hopefully you earn….

With that being said things have to, and will change for me come the new year. I just cant sit here and type to y’all about how much I need to be on my best game, and get ready to lose much more sleep just for a bit of stability. I’m realizing some of the circles that have been a part of me will continue to go round and round and round….. I need to correct, compose, and complete what has set sail and continues to float over these stormy wavy oceans. Soon i’ll see the sun hovering over me towards an island with plenty of beautiful women who’ll take their time nurturing me and helping me sip Pina Coladas off the white sand and blue seas… aaah! Refreshing!

......... But Terry please dont go....Dont leave yet.....
(a sexy lady screams)

and just like that, the day dream is over….

Coming back to NY has been momentous! I didnt realize that there were people who’s been trying to link with me for a bit to get me in some good places. Ive always tried to keep myself hands on and easy to reach for whatever scenario I might hopefully fit in to. his time around its been a good thing and very forward moving.

wassup with the projects son?

I really thought about doing vol 2 to the nickztape this year but after seeing such an abundance of mixtapes from many other artist alike i decided not to. I actually started to record vol. 2 (shouts to Todd Bee) but my heart just wasnt there for it. Besides people were still checking for Vol.1 as its still a pretty good listen. Good music never dies! ( I thank y’all for that)

So my time has been basically spent on working on new stuff and collabing with people on their new stuff. One of the Notable ones is a song i did with the homie Jasper Leak and fellow bredrin Jahdan of Noble Society that i hope comes to the light. (Oh trust, its pure fire!!!!) Recently i finally got a verse done for a Trace Motivate Remix. I talked about this fella from Toronto in an early blog. It was a wait that was hopefullyworth his time.

Me and Hired Gun has done some stuff for his next few projects. that dude stays grinding .. and educating… Waddup K-Swift?

IIIIIIII!!!!!!!! Am The Magnificent!

Currently Me and Dj Itruth have been putting in some serious work. We’re hoping to finish up by the end of the year and hopefully we’ll have somn “for you” in 2011. along with another surprise collab with a good fella from the “Mother Country.”

(in English voice "A few Masquerades and some Silhouettes.... But I prefer Champagne with my ladies.... " :)

….Dont you be on that Dubby Step/Drum n Bass?…WTF is Dat Shit?


Ive been hoping to finish a collective of some of the most interesting music you’ll ever hear in a while. I surely wont be the first to do this but i’ll say that you should very anxious and excited about T.R.A.C. working with the likes of Hell Fire Machina, Dave Visionary, I-Cue, ODI, LionDub, DJ WallyPish-Posh, 6blocc, MC ASTRO, , Jamalski, and my 4hero homie Marc Mac… (evil laugh!) (a personal thank you to Hellfire Machina for believing in me enough to put me in front of huge grueling NYC crowds…. we run the city!. Im very grateful guys )

The Marcster!

Speaking of Marc Mac (shouts to Decoy), We’ve been prepping for a while to release this treasure of a Hip Hop album. We’re hoping the Heinz catch phrase dosent only work with ketchup … (you know, “good things come those who”…nevermind...)… Well im glad to say that this wait is paying off and i may have some big tomatoes.. uh…. news…. to announce… (exhale)
and oh .. there was a music video done.. shouts Diana Pop and Kieran Heilbron for that… BIG TIME!!

I also want to give a big, big thanks to every one that kept me positive when I was near a nervous breakdown. And Shouts to the new friends n folk who’ve been checking the music and said …“Dope!”. For every painful moment you go thru expect nothing but greatness afterwards. but you got to keep pushing..

Much love n respect, happy holidays and an early Happy New Year from your favorite MC

To Rule And Conquer ……on facebook
…and remember its “For The Love”

Love is Love Y'all... See you somewhere... which might be everywhere!

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