Pieces Of Art #5 Methods!

In the middle of enjoying this hot summer along with politics, music, and bullshit(!), I decided to sit on a lovely soft couch with laptop in hand…..and blog!

To those who said I should get paid for this …I say thank you…now wheres my check (snare hit!)

This “Pieces of Art” segment is all about fashion music…..and perseverance!

Being the New York product that I am, I’ve seen so many come and go. Only a handful of artists, companies, and whatever have you, went on to become such staples in our minds

If any of you Hip Hop heads, Electric heads , DnB and Dubstep heads and Rock heads, have ever saw this “M” on a shirt, hoodie, banner, a sticker on a lamp post, on a nice bottle of classic beer, or a nice round booty (smack!)…… trust me when I say its not a Mickey D’s promotion! You are waaaay off homie…

Rather its none other than Methods Clothing NYC! Founded by Dave Gee who has broken into art, music fashion and modern urban culture. This company has been on its feet nearing 6yrs which says a lot about running a garment business through these recession times. As saying goes “only the strong survive”.

I cant even remember how I ran into Dave. All I know its been cool since and from time to time we link, we build, we chill, we drink! what else would I want?

oh! ….some fresh new Method shirts…lol

Im not sure that many people know these shirt designs are done by some really phenomenal artist from all around the globe. From cats like KOA in France and Super blast out in Berlin to Dizzmology & Amier Inkz in NYC then over to Deseo and Gabriel Gutierrez over on the Cali side. throw in some Bodie Chewing, some Frost, some Vandal, and whole slew of other artist you can find on the methods website and what you’ll have is an “Arsenal” and a explosion of fine crafters. Hey Diggs! like that arsenal line?.

6yrs for any small company can be critical times. You go through a whole smack of bumps and bruises. It kinda reminds me of aspiring artist like myself who have overcame so much to just make a dent in our goals. It’s never a dull moment in life if you’re enthused enough. Its a beautiful struggle although the goal is to get past the struggling and start living. Methods may have a theme for you that might fit your “cause” the same way theres a soundtrack to the life you live. So every season Methods has a theme that makes the shirt…or the shirt that makes the theme. (make your own tomatoes)

Method moments
“Yo TRAC you be Rocking dem nice ass shirts son! Wassup wit those?”.. a fellow homie from the hood.

“I like the color and the designs… ( then walks off with one in hand)..”Pops

“….does Method Man even know about this? Remember Johnny Blaze?”.. a concerned “Tical” smoker

“Someone stole my red Methods cap….It could be in NY or Toronto but when I find you imma “El Toro” yo ass!!…”
(sigh!)- TRAC

All quotes aside, these fellas continue to inspire keep inspiring. With placements in music videos magazines, concerts, and in major music websites things are definitely running smooth for this small store in Greenpoint, BK. …Werd to Serge yo!

There are countless people along with musicians and Dj’s who rock and support Methods. Too many artist to mention. Either they are legends like Fat Joe and Talib Kweli, or they are on fire Like Rusko and Datsik..Lets not forget the Badman sightings…..Hey Dave, i think those guys who make the jerky beef have found Bigfoot…..

heres some favorite Method videos

Talib Rocking “The Flyest” shirt by Too Fly… “In this World” (2:30)

Pete rocking that “trailblazer” with “Mr Wine Connoisseur” Sadat X shirt by Angotti81 in “Turn It Up”

….even she got methods……

Check out their website which features plenty of apparel to look thru including their own blog ” The New York Method”.

and be prepared for the next “themed” installment called “Battle Royale” …. i caught a peak and saw that everything is up to par…indeed!

Shouts to the whole Method crew and lets keep making moves…… and tell El TORO I need a favor…

EL Toro

Before I leave heres a trip back in time …2007 ……a pretty cool photoshoot…

Peace! More music n stuff pretty soon

T.R.A.C. Nickztape on free DL


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