Pieces Of Art #3 Trace Motivate and Soundwave

As always, Pieces of Art is about the Trueness!….. The Realness! ……..As recognized by me of course…. In my opinion, nothings debatable if it inspires you…. Especially if you like it! Go ahead and talk about it! I never planned to blog about any these artist. Some I’ve never seen, never known before or even bumped in to out in the streets.. but i hear the music and …………Boom! Maybe I’m just cut from a different cloth. In my teen days i’d stay up to listen to new artist on late night (and pirate) radio stations. The Big L’s the Busta’s, the Kane’s, the Jiggas….. the artist we know now as legends had helpings from this kind of medium. I don’t really do this for “taste making” or any kind of industry term you can think of either. This is done strictly for the love of Art! I just happen to be a musician but this is for art in general…hidden gems! ..blah.blah. blah…i keeps it for real!

Bottom line if i like it ….maybe i’ll blog on it!!

Which leads me in to this…….
Put em Up High EP!

Peeping Toronto’s or any underground hip hop scene there are a bunch of artist with “rough edges”…meaning not enough polish, but i brave on for those aspiring artist for once they find their niche’ they have definitely taken that next step up. Such is not the case with a fella by the name of Trace Motivate. I met this cat at my video set up in Kensington market. Pretty much a cool, calm and thoughtful fella. Humble cats always win me over. It was the homie Major of the Lost Info Crew who told him about the shoot and he was just ready to be a part of it. We’ll vid talk later. Bottom line when i first listened to anything from Trace it was from a just released EP he did with Soundwave (also from Lost Info) called “Put Em Up High”. All bias’s aside, Soundwaves production is something to believe in. Dude is serious on the beats and sonically he dosent let down. The overall sound here is abstract, melodic, and done with great cohesion …it just works!

Trace is far from a bore on the mic and proves he is about his “Bizness” like the song of the same title. On “Hitman for Hire” Trace re-introduces himself as the professional he is with lines like “Honest day pay? I keep it in perspective/ My clients don’t complain what they pay is an investment”….. The Ep’s lead song “Put Em Up High” will make fellow T Dot heads grab their lighters as he drops Canadian jewels on an uptempo beat.
“Penut” is a self reflective story about Trace’s Beginnings with his new found gift. Ive never heard the original, but this Soundwave remix is way worth the listen…..

“Poisonous” is a personal favorite. A dark gritty and witty story about a chick or chicks that are taking serious L’s. With fellow MC Mr. Matrix along for the telling, the story develops even more for the avid listener to try and break down what actually happened. either way the ending is gruesome.

Bottom line, You may not know Trace Motivate nor do you may not know of Soundwave. You may have never heard of their songs, but trust when i say you’ll be pretty much impressed with this project as its a warm up to a full length “future” release. For now, this a good, strong introduction of what i believe is only the beginning. I expect to see bigger things ahead for this new duo. The level of music can only get better. Some people take a while. Others just “get it”. This is Hip Hop Y’all! co-sign! its well worth the Cop!

Besides, anyone whose name begins with T-R-A-C…….. Okay I’ll stop right there (drum hit!)

You can listen and purchase by Clicking on MOTIVATE!

For now peep this previous video Trace did a few years back. The song is called “Peace” …and with that, i say Paaaaaaaayce!

Yes expect more blogging….my summer has been interesting…I miss you NY!

Nickztape free DL
In Between The Lines available on itunes
Lewis Parkers Home Grown Hip Hop available on Emusic


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