Jungle Talk:Respect the MC!!!!!!

This might be my first “freak out” blog. Im not angry but i may be a bit frustrated in a general sense…

Shout out to all Jungle Mc’s, from the vets to the newbies …that earned respect in this fickle field..Trust me, its pretty hard to survive in the electronic world of music…

I came into the scene about 97-98, a relatively prime moment (for jungle in general) doing that new born “Hip-Step” thing which started out as a “unique experiment” and was backed by a host of respectable heads in the scene. Truth be told being the sorta “Hip-Hop guy” in the field it took a while b4 i got accepted, and b4 i really appreciated being accepted. It was sort of a love and hate thing because to me, it felt like the junglist crowd at time were not feeling the NY hip hop guy on stage ….i was still learning and musically growing up! Far from being perfect! Still i loved it when heads would come up to me after a 6hr work out and hear things like ..”dude you rawk!

“Next Level $hit” was a blessing in disguise for 2 hip hop heads! The year of ’99 will go down as a year of transitioning for a lot of people back then. That was the year Soul Slinger backed a record that was defintely making a dent into the culture. That was the year Me and a “cant do wrong” Tc Iz had a the deepest talk about being in this field and taking it to another level. Lastly that was the year Me and Dj I-CUE had made contact with a record that had us seeing places outside of NY and Rocking people and leaving legendary marks.. Good, Bad and Uglies aside it was PROGRESS!

Which is why this is titled “Respect the Mc!“. I just feel like if you know quality when you hear it, then promoters should respect it, and YOU should demand it. Some might beg to differ but the Mc’s job of holding down the Dj while moving the crowd is always a neccessity. The Dj will always be number one in the field but with a tight cat on the mic things can only enhance to better moment!

But sometimes even good Mc’s get the dumps of the trade because there is this other “so so Mc” who Promoters get for free drink tickets, Talks or raps over vocal parts of a record, and is either too drunk or is just full of himself….. and the crowd knows it! Sometimes theres a bunch of Mc’s fighting over a damn mic and cant do shit right with it. Hate me or love me for saying this but its a damn shame when there are parties that have a no MC rule! and lets not get into the wanna be UK Mc thats really from Arkansas…OMG!


Chemistry with the DJ, knowing atleast some of the records, and speaking to the crowd is all thats needed to rock out for the most part. One of the best sets i’ve personally witnessed was in DC with Mc Armani and DJ Craze a few years back.. this was around the time Serato had just came out and Craze basically (in my eyes) played the most perfect set i ever saw. So the addition of a totally “on-point” Armani made it THAT more special. No wonder he’s been nominated for awards. The dude was killing it!

Caddy kills!

While im up here in Toronto, I have yet to see a better MC than Caddy Cad. Homie is totally respected by the scene and it has been that way for years. Me personally witnessing the people of the scene saying thank you for the plenty of great times is evidence enough that he is part of that elite crew.

Check wun

Check Wun gets a shout as well for coming into my city last year to help rock an intimidating 3000 plus crowd with the Dubstep Don Rusko on the decks. Anybody who knows NY knows the city dont move to nothing! But in my opinion, in between a great Major Lazer Show and a solid Crookers ending, Rusko and Check wun were my favorite of the night!

As for myself, yeah ive done the thousand crowd thing. There has even been times where i saved a party or just showed up to keep a party right. Its not always as easy as it seems for once the crowd is gone…(especially in NY) It could be over! Lucky for me the are more up times than downers. Being professional at all times is very important.

Another thing to know is not all Mc’z have to be lyricist to rock the masses. Although it could help, its reallly about entertaining the house. Thats why its called Masters of Ceremony, Mic Controller or as Rakim put it “Move the Crowd”

The key here is that these guys take the craft serious and they want you to know that. For if you dont know it, it just becomes a waste of time. Im talking to everyone when i say “Respect the MC” or be happy with MC Blabber mouth and dont go stinking the forums up about how wack he was that night! Really its up to you to want more quality out there so keep calling out the wackness when you see it as well as giving Props to those do handle night right.

Shout out to the TC’s, the GQ’s, the Posi’s, the Zezos, The Mc LA’s, the Humans, the Armannis, the Astros, the Leo J’s the Xyz’s, The Hired guns and Aero’s (Black Ops), the Sonics, the Phoenix Orions, the Dyers (We need more female reps!)and the Diggadees of the world. We all do a great service to the scene.(I heard somewhere even Murs is part of this thing….hmmm) Most of us still have bumps to get over but as long as we get over them its an improvement thats needed in so many ways. If not then…….your show is over!

Respect the MC…For Real!
Nickztape on free DL


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