T.R.A.C.’s favorite producers that can rhyme!

Im Back!…its your favorite blogger that you wished blogged more often ….
i wish i could do that but its very time consuming when im balancing it into my life. I’ll try to do more so who knows? The more y’all encourage me, the more i’ll get into it….. now on to the topic!

This topic came from a discussion with the homie DJ I.C.U.E. Who’s a dope producer that can rhyme ….when he wants to…i kid you not! (Get ’em CUE!).

Not for Nothing, but if anyone has been paying attention lately Hip Hop producers are becoming less shy about dropping a hot verse these days. Its to the point that these “MCducers” are capable of having quotables that rival some pretty good full time MC’z. Sheesh! I blame Pete and Dre for this……

Regardless, even if some dont belong on the mic, most have some “memorable microphone moments”. Im not gonna be all critical over this (because) the thing i like about it is when some of these producers rap i can actually see the enjoyment in their delivery and the words…sometimes i think (music wise) producers have a more open platform for words than your average rapper does. You can agree or disagree on that. its a subtle opinion. but when you’re inspired to rhyme a certain way because of a producer, then you’ll understand what i mean…

…That last comment was for my fellow peer artists of course. but im sure some y’all caught the drift….

Ok lets get to this! the first person i bring up is none other than…….(drum roll)

Diamond D

Show me a doper producer album! On “Stunts, Blunts, and Hip Hop”, Diamond had some features but he did a superb job of holding his own on this great album. Theres just too many memorable songs and moments to forget. As i try to think of my favorite song i’ll think i’ll go with “Pass That Shit”. Maybe i should say “F*ck What Ya Heard!” w/ Sadat X on the chorus.. Its too just hard to pick yall, Yep!

Peep this new vid with Diamond rhyming over a Dj Scratch Track called ” Superman”….Yep he still got it…..

“I Preach on like TD Jakes/ Then come down with the hand of God when i see these fakes”……wow!

Kanye West

“What? TRAC are you crazy?” (on the mic? YES!) When i first listened to kanye i wasnt all surprised by his “wanting to rhymeness”. I thought he was cool. nothing too special..beats are dope…yada yada…. The thing about Mr. West is he is a dope lyricist when his perspective comes from the inner. It seems to be the way to help strengthen his vunerable side. I can relate a bit….. No other song says this better than “Cant Tell me Nothing”. In my opinion its one of best work musically and lyrically. im sure you listened to it..but have you?

“So if the devil wears prada, Adam Eve wear nada im in between but way more fresher”…..No Doubt!

J-Dilla aka Jay Dee aka Dilla Dawg

My goodness! when dilla spits it just seems carefree, careless, reckless, and who gives a shit? Very Few can do that and come off like whuuuut? I dont know whats Jaydees writing process is…i dont know if he ever really wrote a thang down..But GOTTDANG! It sure felt fun enough to get the message. Sick! I dig his spontaneism. Less emphasis on punchlines and more on delivery…”but then again”. Lets just say Jay had a way with words. It sorta reminds me of somebody that just got nothing and something to say….and sound good doing it……This is how i want producers to be when they rhyme..lol
Once again, too many memorables for me to list so i’ll keep it simple…In this case 1 “will do”..

“I pays for it like the mics in the source”…Hilarious!……(RIP)

And Lastly the ” Good Doc” himself!

For a dude that dosent write his own rhymes, Dre delivers real proper-like on his vocal appearances. No he’s not an MC, but he can! No Doubt hes been doing this for years but think about it… He’s has nothing but top notch MC’z writing his lyrics for him. To be able to give those rhymes as much “umph” as the person who wrote it shows he’s knows how to get it in….even if he took a million takes in the studio…he got it in! Some never get it. Come on, “Forgot About Dre” with Em had to be a feat itself. All you gotta do is go to your latest hip hop karaoke event (drum hit!).
Dre’s strength is basically when he talks about that extraordinary expansive history of bangers in he’s made over the years.Thats some real STFU ish! A strong voice with some good “braggadoccio” works great for him. Kudos to the DRE..and his great ghostwriters that can keep their mouth shut….but it doesent matter…My Favorite Rhyming Dre song is…

“Ladies they pay homage,but haters say Dre fell off /hows that? my last album was the Chronic”…..nuff said Doc

um y’all know who wrote Still DRE…..do you?

On the honorable mention side, Pete Rock gets a shout, (He stepped it up on NY’s Finest) Havoc gets a shout (for holding Mobb Deep Down when Prodigy wasnt on his best game), Black Milk gets a shout( Dude be Spittin!) UK vet Lewis Parker ( They need to hear those last 8 bars on “Roof of the World”) and Erick sermon(“Double or Nothing” was a good album…very slept on)

ok y’all …much work in process…we’ll keep in touch!

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