……..On Guru and Life!!!!!!!!

Scroll to the bottom…play the instrumental…. then read this……………:)

(As one of his unreleased songs say) “First and Foremost”, RIP to Guru who is from one of the most respected groups in Hip-Hop, which is GangStarr. I’d like to thank my homie Taurus Braxton for that moment you had a sesssion with him, i got invited and, we all just kicked it……Real talk, thats a moment i wont 4get….. and i send my condolences to his friends and family..

Its a pretty upsetting thing to see  Hip Hop Royalty just leave the way Guru did. I mean we all dont know how we are gonna leave this planet  but to leave with no loved ones around has to be a really cold experience.

Either way life does move on and as it moves im still a bit caught back… No more Gangstarr albums? Truthfully i think that i may have taken this group for granted. Over ten (dare I say ….twenty?) yrs of doing consistent classic music is not an easy feat especially in a fickle industry where ideas are as innovative as they want to be. I’ve always copped a Gangstarr album and knew what to expect: Premier beats and that montone flow that was always dropping  jewelz. These guys along with Pete and CL have overly inspired me in more ways than one. Im from Brownsville, Brooklyn!…. What the fuck do i know about inspiration?

For me coming up, being too positive was far from being the coolest thing in the hood. But still some of my homies like to chill on my block just because……it was very chill!  To keep me out the streets, my mom and pop use to put me on looooooong  ass punishments. i couldnt leave the house and being outside meant just the front stoop….and no further…..For Real!!!

So at times it was just me, homework, ……..and music! (thank god for video music box)…..how could i not become an MC?

It was Ralph Mcdaniels that put me on to Gangstarr. “Words I Manifest”vid was chiming thru …. And for some reason i couldnt take my eyes off the screen and my mind kept the song on continous replay….. noddding while there is no beat becomes a early habit..my training wheels…..

I think i’ve literallly bought all their CD’s….all from Soulshacks on Pitkin ave….all got played heavily, and i really dug  the things Guru were saying on his songs along with the Premier beats n scratches.(who wasnt amazed when you first heard Primo freak that whistle cut on “Who’s Gonna Take The Weight”?) Among all the Gangstarr titles,  Hard to Earn remains my all time favorite album of the bunch!

I could even credit him for putting me on to french Hip-Hop. The Good, The Bad on his first solo effort Jazzamatazz  had me nodding to a french MC named MC Solaar..( not to be confused with the shady so called homie..fuck him!)  I didnt understand a damn thing he was saying ….but his flow was serious! …..it made me wanna learn french just for that verse (a shout all my french homies , Lady QB, Sealy, Boucha, Saikness, Enza and Taxi)…..

…..Back to the now, all im saying is this is your life! and if you got some small beef with any close ones try and take the higher road so you dont have to live with more negative energy. At one point even i had so much hate inside me that you couldnt imagine, for family, friends and even life! Im glad i was able to overcome my illnesses because now…..i can breathe better…..

Nothing is ever Perfect! Perfect is only an opinion. Even God isnt perfect. But we can all try and make this place a better world..By just giving a fuck!…I think not giving a fuck hasnt really worked out too well…….

One more thing to share, when it was first reported that Guru was sick along the rumors were floating around, i was chilling with the homie Baron and Marco(..Polo? yes Polo!) we all got to talking about it when Marco said the song that puts a irrie chill in the air was “Moment of Truth”. Believe it or not ..i couldnt remember how the song sounded…… until i got home, pulled out the cd and listened…….OMG!!!! this was my favorite song on the album…i must’ve played this song a milllion times ……and i forgot it….

…….There i go taking shit for granted.…Dont take life for granted y’all….

Shouts to the realest of family and homies from all over! Good or bad i’ve  got nothing but the utmost respect for y’all….. My door is always open

Im gonna miss you Guru! RIP!!!!  Thank you for everything!!!!

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