(UN)”Forgotten” Pt3…..

A day away from a great night!....

Hip Hop once again!!!! as we move…..
In our third and final installment, We talk to the Giscard James who is one of the exec board members of FCOH. Its been a busy week for the St.Johns Grad, but i was lucky enough to get a few moments to talk about the Org, the event and Hip Hop!
check it out …..

1. What exactly is FCOH?
Forgotten Children of Haiti (FCH) 501(c)3 not for profit organization dedicated to improve the quality of life of Haiti’s poorest citizens, its children.

2. How long has this organization been around?
FCH has been around for quite some time now. We were established in January 1993 by a group of concerned members of the community, physicians, teachers, artists, business persons, etc.; essentially, the parents of the younger generation of the executive board.

3. What are the goods and bads you’ve experienced running your organization?
Being an executive board member of an organization can be very challenging considering recent circumstances. Our efforts had to increase substantially in order to have an impact on those we serve. In other words, ample time and energy is necessary to get the job done. It can be difficult at times. But that stress is non-existent in struggles those directly affected by the earthquake face every day. And that is what keeps me going.

4. Has the Haitian Communities here in NYC been a factor in responding?

The Haitian community in NYC has been a huge factor in bringing aid to Haiti. Groups such as One People, One Haiti, a coalition of young professionals whom we work with, are just one of the many organizations working hard to bring relief to Haiti. Students at St. John’s University have also gathered large amounts of clothing and food which we have shipped to Haiti as well. The response has simply been amazing.

5.When people send donations to your organization how are those donations utilized?

FCH has been supporting the Cantine Notre Dame du Perpetuel Secours, one of the oldest institutions of its kind in Haiti, founded and administered by the “Daughters of Mary”. We also support the work of Father/Doctor Rick Frechette, St. Helene Orphanage and Hospital Saint Damien Chateaublond, operated by “Nos Petits Freres et Soeurs”-an extension of “Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos (NPH) in Latin America. These institutions have been supported financially and also through the shipment of clothing, food, medical supplies and other necessary items. Since the quake our efforts have exponentially increased considering the needs of those we provide for. We have since then shipped eighty 35 gallon barrels, and two 40ft containers filled with the aforementioned items. Our shipments go door-to-door directly to Fr. Rick who disperses the items amongst the local population and utilizes the medical supplies in the hospital.

6. What has FCOH accomplished while being involved in Haiti?

Well we have successfully supported the Cantine Notre Dame du Perpetuel Secours, St. Helene Orphanage and Hospital Saint Damien Chateaublond for some time now. Unfortunately we’ve lost Notre Dame du Perpetuel Secours School in Bel-Air as it was destroyed in the quake. So now we are supporting the remaining institutions through our shipments. And we will continue to do so indefinitely.

7. So inquiring minds want to know… Do you listen to Hip Hop? If so then what artist (s) do you dig the most?

Absolutely! I grew up in Queens so hip hop was and always will be a part of me. Growing up it was all about A Tribe Called Quest, Nas, Dre & Snoop, Biggie, LL, Jay-Z, Pac, the Wu etc. These days I love Lupe Fiasco (The Cool – one of my favorite albums of all time), Common, Kanye, Lil’ Wayne just to name a few. But if I had to pick one…it would be Tribe, no question. People just don’t make music like that anymore, but Lupe came close.

8. How do you feel about Independent Hip Hop’s involvement for the FCOH Benefit on Feb 27th?
I’m floored by the efforts put forth by you guys. It’s very humbling to see people work so hard for a cause larger than themselves. I’m sure it’ll be amazing…no doubt about it!

Any more info about the FCOH you can check the site @ http://www.helpfch.org
or check their facebook

I want to thank Giscard for his time and for being a ‘Tribe’ fan….the guy has taste!!

Either way, i guess we are all set to have some fun on Saturday Feb 27th, 2010 ….Life is only as big as you make it….Lets make this a memorable night…

Besides, San Loco’s is right next door …yummy

its all going down at.

North 4th Bar
160 North 4th Street (Off Bedford)
Brooklyn, NY 11211

TRAC is on Facebook
Nickztape free dl


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