(UN)”Forgotten” Pt2…

and now part deux ……

Sav Killz

I met Sav by Lewis’s crib on the fly. Pretty much a “Hi”, “just stopping by”, then ended up staying the whole day…a very productive evening as we ended up on a fierce ass track with a slew of Mc’z…Sav wears his heart like a badge of honor and im sure somewhere you met this fellla hustlin his CD’s….currently working on a Bi-coastal project w/Planet Asia and a few others (Gold Chain Military) Sav is hunger……Sav is quality!

It is not fair to blog about your homies more than once. If you really want to know my opinion on this dynamic Hip Hop Group, Click on Foundation! Otherwise peep the vid …..the homies at work..For real!

L.I.F.E. Long And Respect Da God!

My boy Jedi has been trying to link us for a long minute… its weird because we both rep MethodsNYC pretty hard (Waddup Dave?)…Aside from their own solo grind L.I.F.E and Respect hold down their own Open Mic in NJ…..gotta check it one day…….

Check LIFE’s joint w/ JS1..up at the Methods store….”Veteran”

Creature is another strong minded independent artist of NYC. i caught a couple of his shows….Dope

And what do you NOT know about DJ TOTAL ECLIPSE? HE X-ECUTES! (RIP ROC RAIDA!)

A shout out to Dj’s FTL and ICUE…crew indeed! it’s all Love …PT3 coming soon..

TRAC -for the love



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