The “(UN)Forgotten” Artists Of Feb 27th (Pt1)..

What it is y’all?….Mr. Nickz back in the place.. cool as fiddle with a bunch of wonders on my brain…..we’ll talk about that another time

Saturday February 27th, 2010 is the day for me and my peoples to help the victims of a horrible disaster through the “Forgotten Children Of Haiti” Organization. Teaming up with DJ FTL (who is the mastermind behind this) has put some extra life in me for the fact that helping people has always been a rewarding thing for me be it community-wise or whatever. So i take pride in helping this event turn out to be a great night..(Nevermind the fact that its FTL’s birthday….who cares!)

If ya’ll been paying attention to the NYC underground, you’ll know that all the artist on the line up are not good performers but some greatly slept-on talents…. These are a bunch of True Hip Hop Mofos who are lending their time for the cause. I’ve worked with most of these guys one way or another. Homies, from one artist to another …SALUTE!

Lewis Parker….
My fellow Piscean and favorite Englishman. Lewis just happened to show up to NY and hasnt really left since. with already a classic under his belt (Masquerades and Silhouettes) along with hooking up on 2 Ghostface albums (Fishcale and More Fish) this guy is readying his next anticipated series of releases entitled ” The Puzzle”. Describe his sound? Well if Lewis made movie it would be a blaxploitation called “Romance, Guns, and Espionage” … Werd to Boosey n Hawks son!…….. Wheres Fred and Issac when you need em?

Hasan Salaam

Right now I’ve been playing this new joint of his called Angel Dust. it’s a deep very visual perspective on some foul things that go on from women in the fast lane ..They’re scandalous! Angel dust
My first contact with Hasan was way back at Joes Pub event…i was there to catch the homies Red Clay rocking when he got up there he just blasted away!! Delivery, Message, and Music! For Real y’all..

Hired Gun
A Workaholic/Teacher/Poet/Independent Thinker/ Loving Husband/EMCEE! HG is one of these new buddy’s of mine which is somn i never understood. We’ve been walking the same routes and never crossed paths..( I guess it happens). Either way, with Urb magazine naming him one of the next 100 artist to check for, HG has been hitting the scene and going hard. Dude is also part of the NY the electronic scene showing and proving he can move and rock any crowd. A real MC…plus the freestyle is fire….Check the vid with me and K-Swift doing the cameo thing..

Its always good to have some female representation in this Hip Hop Machismo world.. So we bring to y’all Angel’a aka Angel…Backed by the most Powerful Open Mic in the world EOW, Angel has been holding it down. Forget her looks for a second you perverts. She is someone to keep an eye on…especially if you’re tired of what the representation of a FEMCEE looks like nowadays…YOU DONT KNOW ABOUT THIS BITCH! Check her performance at HighLine Ballroom

We’ll talk about rest of these great people you should know later. Pt.2 coming soon…….

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