TRAC’s video games …and his great gaming moments!

TRAC Knocking your favorite Mc...Sorry tyson!

Whats goody?

Whenever I’m in chill mode, downtime, leisure, or …for fear of sounding corny..”chillaxin”, i have a trusty Xbox 360 in the crib that can easily waste my time with no effort at all.
Truthfully I’m a video game nut!…casual at times but when the game is good… it’s Euphoria!

As stated before the Xbox 360 is my choice of peripheral. No hate to the PS3…I dig both systems but Sony has been slacking. a few good games compared to a bunch of great games and one great online community means ….Euphoria!

As far as what kind of games i dig the most, I Love Sport games, a good shooter, and a good thriller. keep me away from the senseless killing games and “cutesy smutesy” stuff…if it doesnt have meaning ..its not in the house.

When it comes to sports games dont even bother!!!! 2k10 and fight night are tops in my arena..especially Fight Night!! ask TC iz aka T Frequency..(Uh Oh!) He got lucky once…….Once!

Im also suppose to “Box up” one your of favorite Duck Down MC’z ( shouldnt be a hard guess). Anytime Sir! I’ll show you who really runs Brownsville!

Even the homie Joe Slaughter Became a victim..NBA 2k10 playing with the lowly Knicks vs. his high powered Suns…it must have been at nite…. because they sure werent shining that day (drum hit!)

Yeah I’m talking a bunch of mess in this blog.. and there will be more important ones coming real soon…but understand that these consoles arent just about vid games anymore. They’re multimedia machines with many different entertainment options….movies, twitter, music videos …heck, you can even keep updated with the news and the stocks while trying to dominate on Call of Duty2.

and yes “Modern Day Warfare” is in the house….

Another game that has taken over my life has been those of the Mass Effect series. Its a game that probably by now has its own “Trekkie like” fanbase. Its been a very good story so far with excellent gameplay…and some curiosity thrown in…you wont play it the same twice.. the replay value is high which means ….Euphoria!

Playing Dj hero with Jazzy and Nick while having an asthma attack…priceless! I gotta take better care of myself… but it was a cool ass nite … I wish i brought fight Night though!

…..enough rambling! anyone willing to rock on the box the gamer tag is “Terry Nickelz”

some more serious stuff to come ……and Hip Hop!…..For real!


Ankles were broken and prides were hurt ...Why did i do this to you JOE JOE?

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