MC etiquette…..for dummies (and dunnies!)

2010...the year of the Conquer!

First off, happy 2010 yall! I want to thank each and every one of yall for always checking in, listening to the music, checking the shows, reading the blogs…. and seeing to say ….”wassup”? 09 was considerably an easy year comparing the last few before. the headaches were bigger but everything was waaaaaaay more manageable thus, a bunch of progress was made…must i say…i didnt make too many bad decisions…kudos to me!!!
( shout out to DJ courage for giving me a summer in NY like no other)
Premo Wassup?
…and to all the “family”…support is all we need

but another year has started and everytime i see a zero in a year it always reminds me of a reset button …so i reset a bit…..lets talk…..

This goes out anybody who wants to put the title MC b4 before their name and thinks its cool…if anyone ever saw “MC” TRAC on any flyer, any mixtape, album or wasnt there because i put it there…it was put there by others …which means it was earned by the promoters, the people who come to party, and the one which i really covet, …….from other respectable Mc’s and those who i have worked with in my time…

As i think about a moment where i heard the great reggae Legend Peter Ranking tell me behind the stage “ya BAD TRAC, YA BAD”, or having TC iz(2010’s T-frequency) throw a towel at me like “cool off homey. you’re hot!” or even the Jazzy Jay co-signs(etc etc…yeah im cocky for 2secs)…i begin to feel a sense of accomplishment. I never got on a stage and was a bit over doing myself, or not giving the people what they need which is…. LOVE (saw my vid? visit youtube..i know you’ll like it !)

…..truth be told im just a shy Bk kid who loves the shit out of music, but being a vet lets you know that i know my shit!…and humbly still learning…

So for the new cats out there…. learn something!….. to the true MC’s who know like i know just go …..Amen!
and now for the etiquette…in no particular order..but take it serious!

1.“YO we cant hear you…you’re covering the mic!”

Truthfully i ..(stutter)i… i dont give a shit how you hold a mic. just get yourself comfortable and get your vibe on..i’ve seen…matter of fact we’ve seen too many instances guys sound like a big blurb on the mic or a bad am station simply because you are blocking your words….if you can cover the mic and still be heard then good for you. we in the same camp. (not really) Im just saying…

2. “Yo Soundman Whut da *uck?”
I love sound men ( no need to “pause” me you phobics…this aint that kind of talk….”unpause”) i say this with humility to everyone of em whether good or bad, who’s ever tried, or voiced me perfect. At every show i do i always go over to the soundman and slap dap with those cats. You need them on your side and im sure they’ll work with you if you with them. I’ve heard some shitty equipment sound real great to some over priced stuff sound garbage….if the sound guy knows what they’re doing then give them some time. Other wise you cussing out the Soundman on stage aint looking cool yo…

Yo Mykey…Yo Junglez wassup Generals?……salute!

side note:
Yeah there are a few asshole sound guys and maybe even some cats who just dont know shit…but i’d like to say that those dudes dont last long in the scene..

3. “Yo TRAC I want you and only YOU on the mic…….”

This is one rule i that i may break on occasions but thats only if its a worthy moment..anything less should go like this in your head “Do as the DJ Says”…i fully broke this rule once and really regretted it.(dont ask wont tell) Dj’s wont beef as much if you got a respected head on the mic…but he will cut you and the mic off if you just happen to put on a billion wack MC’s or some drunk bitch who wants to rap or sing fucking the vibe up…. trust! I’ve done it and saw it…..kill the karaoke homie. The mic should never leave your hand unless you got it like that…

4. “Where the Fuck is the host at?”
Being an Mc also double duties as being a host! The gig aint bad if all you have to do is maintain and manage at showtime. It’ll show heads how well you can accomplish such a huge goal that has to look good on the outside and at least stable on the inside.

Being a host sometimes mean you’ll have to deal with high egos and hot heads…….This artist wants get on now” …….This artist is taking way too much time that artist wants more time to rock. Do you know who the $uck i am fam? I’ll **uck u up! . Yeah some times it is tricky and hard as a mofo but you are there for a reason..Remember you’ll have people on your side (ie Promoters n staff) to help out if any goes a fritz. And in between all that.. You gotta keep the crowd right ……gotta get that respect dawgies!

5. ” Daaaag TRAC you’re rippin it.. but can i get some?”

This should go as part of rule #3 but it stands on its own. To all my Fellow Mc’s say it in one word…..Annoying!!!! If you call yourself an MC you should know this rule. If you never knew this then make sure you put this rule in your head..(and it probably means you havent earn that title yet). Anyone who frequents the KJ nights over the years have seen MC’s really vibe out and uplift the crowd to actually chasing em out the club. A lot of people had their start on those legendary Monday nights (I’ll blog about it..waddup MACK!!). I’ve always been one “Mic sharing” mofo to heads….I dont have a problem of letting my fellow peers get theirs off. “But know”….. when you see an MC Do the that thing that makes a crowd go crazy…Dont get jealous, let them get that moment… stupidity kills a crowd when they see some other MC trying to grab a mic from a person ripping it down putting in work….. that can kinda thing can hurt you and the vibe that was once risen. To be an MC can be a competitive thing so if anything you take what you saw and match that vibe. Do your own thing. and take the results in…if the 2 of you have chemistry then you know it only gets better from there….

Take it in, hate me or love me after this…but be warned..not everyone is as nice as me…whooooooa! (drum hit!)

talk soon again…and oh that love vid i was talking of? Click on NetWork!..Waddup Marc?

need to get a mic….but i fear i will lose it and lose it and…..

Check 1, 2... that means it soon about to happen! (free dl)


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