Home Grown Hip Hop aka Grand Maneuvers….

Yawn Yawn!!! Its a Beautiful Day. It Feels Like early March but it would be silly to believe such.. A warm December day is like finding a golden goose egg.. enjoy it while we have it NY!!

This is what i consider a hidden gem of sorts. My homie DJ Rekon hit me up earlier asking ” yo how come you dont talk about this album?” Request granted bro-ski!!! I’ll even be a bit creative with it……..peep it!

Once upon a time, in an industrial land not too far away, there lived a young happy chap named Lewis Parker. Lewis has extraordinary musical powers when he works with his classy, & trusty friend the SP 1200. With having One of the Top 10 classic UK Hip Hop albums of all time(Masquerades and Silhouettes) , Lewis was being scouted by fellow UK musicians Boosey and Hawks.These 2 fellas are known for great orchestrated scores that you may have heard in some of your favorite movies. With Hip Hop being the motive, Boosey and Hawks Opened up the Vaults to Lewis to make Music for one of their upcoming projects. (side note: whenever you give a diggin’ producer the keys to your record vault, you know its about to be crazy.)

Now back to Reality….I was pretty much happy about being on this project. Lewis does his thang on the beats while recruiting some major spitting MC’z and vocalist to help sculpt the musical vision. Fellow Brooklyn native Tah-Born Tells a story of get back on Grand Maneuvers pt.1. Dj Itruth explains the spanish side of hustling on “Dominican Incident” with sexy vocalist Narsha. Another Brooklyn MC, Jacky Danz speaks on reality, music and evil in “What I see”. On “Duck! Aim! Shoot!”, Tah-Born once again goes nutty on some ill baselines along side (BARON of RedClay)There are plenty of standouts on this album including “Roof Of the World” in which Lewis and yours truly give an emotional shout around global horizons. One of the gems on this project.

If you listen closely enough, you see that all the songs not only co-inside, but they also tell tales and stories of hunger and the people who will do whatever it takes to get what they need. In my opinion its a bit more than just Home Grown, Its a “Grand Maneuver” of epic proportions. Lewis does a wonderful job on the production including on the instrumentals which feel like intermissions in btwn the songs. Peep “classical feeling” as the violins run freely through the rhythm.

This project came out in ’07 mainly for library purposes. But after revisting i began to see that it still stands the test of time and plenty more can be done with this….what else you may ask? we shall see!
But for now you can check for it on itunes and other digi outlets. for an emusic preview of the tracks click on Grandmaneuvers

Enjoy! Nickz is out! …More to come


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