Pieces of Art: Red Clay!!!

As I begin to blog it out, I start to think to myself, “I got shit to do”… there are people out there who are smiling like a mofo right now as we speak…. Why? because somehow they have found a way to elevate their lives. which is a good thing. I usually get jealous when I hear those kind of things, but not in a bad way. Its more of an encouraging thing to me. I envy no one generally.

Thus begins this piece. These 3 fellas are the most dedicated & hardworking cats you’ll ever bump into. These guys have frequently been performing in the underground hip hop scene and have done plenty openings for big acts…maybe even outshining some of them (?). This wonderful group im talking about is none other than General Lou, Ten Chakar (formerly Probe 4), and BARON collectively known as “Red Clay”. Now I know these cats personally and trust, i dont talk about bullshit and make it look like a chocolate sundae (sorry for the visual..lol). Sometimes people say its wrong when you cheer or root for your homies. All I got to say is if you ever listened to anything or saw the shows these cats have done then you’ll understand why I consider them so highly.

On their new EP “Cold Summer” the songs are pretty much one in the same with its title. “Gamble & Huff” Opens this Ep with great ferocity as Baron Mc’z like a Big Bully. The song “Boy Meets World” shows how much they are in touch with most hungriest person trying to find more in a life with twist and turns within the depressing environment. “NYilStylin” reminds me of the glory days of NY club scene..if this were back then, this would be somn I would hear in the Tunnel or the Paladium or somn of the sort. On “Winter” Baron once again tells a story of a young lady who ends up in a pretty complex situation (In Jay-z voice “I’ll let you tell it”). On this track you’ll also get to hear Barons’ other quality which is …..”this boy can sang!” (not sing but sang!)On “Globetrotting” these guys are like the globetrotters and straight style on “em over a familiar sample that Pete Rock once used.

Now Dont get it twisted, with production from Carnage, to Baron himself ( yes he produces as well) this 5 piece with a”Winter” remix as an extra biscuit ..(Im hungry)..is worth your purchase be it digital or physical.. To my new schoolers, if you’ve been not digging what the main stream has been doing here is your chance to listen or support some true musicians at work.

As an added bonus, I have the privilege of giving your some free music…this song is called the “The Greatness”.. It is one of the more better dedications To the King Micheal Jackson RIP..(im still in shock over his death)…but geez this joint hits hard…check it out


So go check the EP which is available on Itunes and their website is red-clay.com
their Myspace
As i Co-sign this with a glass of lemonade ( ahhhh!) HIP HOP ONCE AGAIN!

Keep doing y’all thing family…. More to blog about pretty soon!!

Nickz is out!!!!


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