Illiquidity!!!….. from the maple leaf side

i must say that being up in Canada brings some calm to me. I can yawn, i can stretch, shit i can even scream out loud..and when i do…it all feels good. “yeaaah babay!”

Now back to biz. My Homies Deadly Evans aka Stitch7 and Dj Jase Cozmic aka Black Irish (i really need to understand that one homie) have teamed up and formed….. “Good Voodoo”.…With Evans on the the mic and production along with Cozmic on the scratch and mix, the 2 have brought together a compilation of sorts. MC’z and vocalist from US to Canada have all assisted and participated in making this project . Although the artwork cover looks way strong, I must add that there are only meaningful songs on this mixtape …the general theme is sublime messages with a touches of conspiracy thoughts …. so if you’re looking to “throw some D’s on them bitches”….understand that those bitches might be a pack of “Pits” (grrrrr!)….

First, Evans Puts a simple drum touch on the Willie Williams classic “Armagedon”. Then comes the trio collab on “Double Punch” ( feels like a triple punch IMO) in which TRAC, Spade (of Citizen Kane) and Stitch 7 drops dramatical verses over whiny violins along with mean drums and bassline. On “Ghetto World” Eso Teriq breaks things down with Pac like effort … check the melodic soulful feel on female MC AGE on “Rich”…… and “not for nothin”, Peep the skills on “Live on Set” my jungle heads know about that rapid fire…
…and for added measure, there are 2 of my joints from the Nickztape on there…( and i thank you!) cross promo does wonders…

Deadly Evans did most of the original Production- except where noted- which came out solid. Along with some conceptional skits about the inner workings of an evil industry, this compilation is an all-out conscious effort that has some really good stand outs.

….And its all up for free Download..yep……..As Cozmic says on the intro.. ” Your money dont matter” (Good Voodoo Laugh)

Well, atleast for this project it dosent…..

A Big Shout to all my Canadians compadres that are all a part of this project: G-Wunder, E.T., AGE, Spade, & Mackey …they love Hip Hop up here y’ aint just Drake!!

But tell me what yall think….Hip Hop Once again? For the DL or a stream listen click on ILLIQUIDITY

a bunch is on my mind again……More to blog, and still more projects coming……

I keep busy dagnabit!!…….New York I’ll be back!!!!!!



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