T.R.A.C. vs. …..Music!!!!

“If it aint Hip Hop then its Trip Hop/ If it aint rap its abstract/ Junglist here me out, vibe with this bare witness/ Hip Step Styles, Next level $hit!”……………taken from This Is liquid Sky Vol 7. 00′ Next Level Shit I.C.U.E. feat T.R.A.C.

My My My! Time has past since actually seeing that song on cds, and vinyl getting plays and mixtape love.. i was in my early (cough) twenties and i really didnt understand the jungle scene. But still i went with the flow….truth be told i did this extraordinary song off of a favor i owed to ICUE (waddup) for “hooking the boy” with some hot hip hop tracks….it was a hands-on learning experience that i’ll cherish for a long time….

Music cherry popped...pause!

One of my biggest issues when people want to know who i am is that im labeled a jungle MC……why, yes its true…….but thats just a pinch of me … the funny part is when im in the jungle scene im looked at as a Hip Hop MC…whoa! slow down there fella! so just to clear this all up in a very familiar phrase…I AM HIP HOP!

Hip Hop was always meant to have universal layers so everything in a sense can (and will) be Hip hop. And if you think im by myself in this forum, theres a list of other true Hip Hop M’cz who had to take other roads to break a way for themselves….. Some people get it, Some dont.

which is honestly my biggest problem….how i do balance the scales of being noticed as a Hip-Hop/Jungle/Dubstep MC? the crossover ability is somn to reckon with..i do it all very good….since ’99….and it makes me a very valuable asset to the music scene…..but its putting the right screws in the right slots that will make this seem very impressive on the outside looking in……

For too many years in NY, i’ve been terribly ripping every stage down about every chance i get!!!! I just showed up at a spot on a Saturday night just to kick it, then ended up on stage “WOWING” a very healthy crowd…..then another time i was @ a Santos Party standing damn near on some Dj decks as N-type ripped thru the night. Even though most of the shows are of the Dubstep-jungle scene, some of these crowds are BIG hip hop fans…even when i did the couple of hip hop shows i was pouring it out and receiving great feedback… and lets not forget the Toronto …they know!!!

After hooking up with Marc and Decoy of 4hero it came full circle to me. what i use to think was a bit weird was actually far from it. These guys have a history that i can relate to. (although in their case they damn near helped create the scene) No boundaries, just let the vibes go where they want and people will hear the real you regardless.

…And soon you will get to hear a definitive hip hop album that we concocted..it will probably catch many folks off guard…..for all the same reasons i wrote this blog….

So in the end im about doing this music thru my Hip Hop channel….this is the way i know to express myself, and im very glad to know that im in good company in the world…..
Music appreciation class has paid off…..

nickztape.bandcamp.com free dl


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