Hip Hop…… Beatknock..Dont Stop!!!!

Unified...Hip-Hop Is Back y'all!!
BACK like i never left……even though i did…..but im back regardless…

First off, i wanna say thank you to everyone who gave me feedback on the Marc Mac EP In Between The Lines (which is still on i tunes) and the free Download of the Nickztape…(which is still free by the way)..which means if you havent checked for either “Dude! What are you doing?”

I also wanna send my condolences to Josh link and his family….half my fam is really messed up about you leaving us…you will be missed….


Now off to the topic at hand……and thats about “The BEATKNOCK’AZ”…..

I originally met these guys Through a French connection. Time to find out, these guys are making world wide moves…..From the Chi to Europe. I worked on a song with Saikness from France…the beat was amazing. im actually surprised none of these other more known Mc’z didn’t snatch it up…..my luck i guess..

So they have a dope CD out (w/ me on it) which you can purchase from their website and and other places (UGHH?) ….Well I’ll let them do the Bloggin from here…Waddup Diaz!

BeatKnock’Az International Presents:


With the state of mainstream hip hop going astray, Beatknock’Az International seeks to bring balance back to the force, so to speak. This international crew was assembled in 2006, and launched a campaign in early 2007 to unify hip hop worldwide and set precedence among aspiring artists/producers alike. With the help of many underground and mainstream artist, they are set sail to release a dagger of an album to the masses that shows what “Real Hip Hop” should indeed sound like. They all vary in styles but collectively have an indescribable sound of their own.

These 4 producers hail from, North America to across the pond in Europe bringing diversity in sound, melody and showing how profound hip hop music has been rooted in different regions across the globe.

BeatKnock’Az International includes:

Chicago, IL (USA) Diaz Millenia

Braga, Portugal Blastah Beatz

Paris, France Saikness

Canary Islands (Spain) Jim B

All of which have been established as accomplished music producers before merging as group. Now they have put together an All-Star lineup that some true “heads” would consider to be legendary. With features from CL Smooth, Grafh, Termanology, Joe Budden, Edo G, Cesar Camanche, Braille, Tiffany Paige, and with laced with well known underground MC’s such as Shawn Boyd, CyMarshall Law, TRAC and many more.

Be sure to check out UNIFIED set to release August 25th, 2009.

To get more info on BeatKnock’Az International go to


and reserve your CD TODAY!

Beatknock’az Production Intl. USA & Europe

Diaz Millenia- Chi- Fire!!!
Blastah....the name says it all
Blastah....the name says it all
Diaz Millenia- Chi- Fire!!!

JimB aka Jimcredible!


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