Lets Talk About This Nickztape…..

First off, let me say that it took a bunch of hard work and energy that starts from NYC, goes thru France, UK and Italy, settles in Canada for a bit, then finishes strong in the NYC…..Oh What a Journey!!!!

Yesh Yesh Y’all! Indeed this was trip. A moment that i’ll be forever in debt to all those who gave a shit and said “T.R.A.C.!” they need to hear you…
See the NYC Dnb scene had already knew what was up. Ask ICUE! Ask TC! (get those FN4 skills up buddy!)Ask my homies in Canada whom i have nothing but the greatest respect for!(Waddup Muddyork!!) Ask my Digital Konfusion fam who didnt have to do shit for me…..but they did! why you may ask?…. well because …..its for the “cause”!

Some of y’all are just starting get hip to me but i’ve always been in the scene chilling . You see for an MC like me there was a transition that had a brother stuck in the middle trying to find relativity for my creativity! So much has happened to Hip Hop that we dont know whats next in store for the future…

But i’ll say this….im seeing people are more and more wanting to listen to WTF they want to …. So IMO, as much people who just wanna hear the commercial “quick dancy” stuff and club it out, is about the same amount of folk who want to listen to more quality(?) level grounded pure, uplifting, (and re-playable) muzik.

The one thing im tired of hearing is the term of people “bringing it back”! I swear i heard some much of bringing it back, i began to wonder,”Are we all bringing back the same thing?” That term became food for thought….(sarcasm at it best 🙂

But eh! enough about that. Im glad that people are trying to change the music for the better. But all any artist can do is “be what they are” and hope you have fun hearing our expressions thru the songs. It is (and always should be about) Peace, Unity, Love, and Havin Fun….

Well atleast for me…im a good boy!!!!

So when you listen to this street album/mixtape, i want you to know that this was done with the intent of having fun and to cause a positive elevation in yourself……and me too..
Dont leave me out …pleeeeze!

A shout out and a Big thanks To PRE459… we’re getting somewhere

Thank God for music…
In the words of the GREATEST TO EVER DO IT……” enjoy yourself”…”for me”-MJ

for the DL Click on my favorite word which is ……

One Love

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