Once again its on…..

YO YO …. yeah i know …i been away for a bit….but the fact is …im back and got a bunch on my mind….

The “Nickztape” is done and getting pressed as we speak. The Marc Mac album is very near done, and im doing much writing and recording. and then theres that Marc Mac EP In Between The Lines. (which is out now in itunes) so yeah theres been plenty to do and much more to go.

But for now I’ve been getting some great feedback from the EP about “Radio Heroes”
much blessings and yall keep feeding me that good energy.

Anyways Marc Mac sent me this podcast of the Morpheus soul show…Really good stuff..!

A shout out to those guys as well…great show!

and a shout out to those super heroes” known as Johnny Rebel, Sully Brown an Ten Mil as well…the podcast saved my day……..

anyway heres the link..

Download link after track listing :

John Robinson – Morpheus Soul
The Roots – How I Got Over (How I Got Over)
Termanology – Nobody’s Smilin’ (Time Machine)
Sareem Poems – She’s So So (Black & Read All Over)

Marc Mac ft. T.r.a.c. – Radio Hereos (In Between The Lines EP)
Marc Mac ft. Phonte – Take A Trip (In Between The Lines EP)

Root Soul ft. Vanessa Freeman – It’s The Way (Root Soul)
Root Soul ft. Andrea Clarke & Lyric L- Override & Fly (Root Soul)
Root Soul ft. Vanessa Freeman – Spirit Of Love (Root Soul)

Pug$ Atomz – DuWayne & Whitley

DJ Spinna ft. Senor Kaos – Call Me Senor (Sonic Smash)
DJ Spinna ft. Fresh Daily, Homeboy Sandman & P. Casso – Get On Down (Sonic Smash)
DJ Spinna ft. Elzhi – More Colors (Sonic Smash)

The Morpheus Soul Show Top 5 Countdown

5. Skyzoo – The Beautiful Decay (The Salvation)
4. DJ Spinna ft. Shabaam Sahdeeq & Erik Rico – Melody (Sonic Smash)
3. Mayer Hawthorne ft. Children Of The Night – Maybe So, Maybe No [Remix]
2. Lush life – The Kindness (Cassette City)
1. Sa-Ra – The Bone Song (Nuclear Evolution: The Age of Love)

Stephen Simmonds ft. Big L – Alone

The Morpheus Soul Show inducts Big L to The Hip-Hop V.I.P. Lounge

Devil’s Son [12” Instrumental]

Platinum Plus ft. Big Daddy Kane (2001 12” Promo)
Ebonics [Criminal Slang] (1998 12” Single)
How Will I Make It (D.I.T.C. Unreleased Promo)

Flamboyant [12” Jay Dee Remix Instrumental]

D.I.T.C. – Day One (1997 12” Promo)
Put It On (1995 12” Promo)
MVP (1995 Summer Smooth Mix 12“ Single)

Milton Wright – The Silence That You Keep (Friends And Buddies)
Milton Wright – Keep It Up (Friends And Buddies)
Milton Wright – Leave Me Alone (Spaced)

Nino Bless ft. Skyzoo, Rhymefest, Ras Kass & Scram Jones – Boom Bap Shit


For those that want to peep the live shows go to http://www.playvybz.com

IM out …..but i’ll be back


2 thoughts on “Once again its on…..”

  1. I love the line ‘The podcast saved my day’ the Morpheus saves me every Saturday 5-7pm GMT.

    ‘A perfect end to the working week and a perfect start to a night on the town’

    über Morpheus Soul Show Fan
    Missy Ash

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