Pieces Of Art: Diz Gibran

This is the kind of blog that is dedicated to the artist who create the soundtracks of our lives in forms of greatly over-looked art…whats been hidden from the corporate caves and given to a society in need of the realie: Diz Gibran

I must confess….its been a minute since i been really digging anything at all lately. i cant tell you whats my favorite song right now .. but then again..im getting so “old”….lol…yall kill me!

Along comes a site that i clicked on mistakenly from a homie (waddup Premo 459!). It led me to a website that had the clothing line Crooks & Castles sponsoring an album called “Soon You’ll Understand”. The album cover had a profile of a  face (which is Diz i’m guessing….duh!) that had a transparent skull so you can see his brain along with a player with songs that are free to download….Oh boy! here we go with this nonsense….not another one of these…..

But behold!….when i pressed play.. i started to listen…..and listened …and listened…..This shit is DOPE YO!

I dont know much about Diz but now i can say i wish i knew more…..This Cali native teaming up fellow producer Moonshine..(who’s from Queens btw) have created a truthful, soulful, emotional, ride thru rhythms and rhymes. this is by far not a boring album at all…..but if you dig that other “over the top” stuff, you’ll probably yawn at the thought of some really well done Hip Hop…yep! this is not a rap album….

the vibes are mostly mellow and melodic… and i been playing it for a bit now……

for those who’s into names …Pac Division makes an appearance on “the Greatness”

If i had to pick my favs…its probably “Exactly”, “The Hardest Word”, “Stereo” & “Truly Yours” feat. The Chicago Kid

“New Religion” is a thought provoking song about Diz trying to find the higher power of life and not believing the beliefs of many religions..

Through it all its a very good album and worth taking up some space on your hard drive….Musicianship y’all!!. Respect DAT!!. the artwork cover should be on some vinyl…but its only digital….either way, Co-sign and kudos!

and if ya still dont know ...Soon you’ll understand

check it out for yourself…let me know what you think….its only free99 after all…..


til next time….Be EZ y’all

dope shit ....from out west....
dope shit ....from out west....


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