N.Y. vs.Toronto..

“On the road again”……..Willie Nelson………….

Now before you go rushing to some kind of unknown, out of this world conspiracy along with the judgement of a Bad guy finger pointer (“Ju need people like me mang!”) This is not really a battle of countries or cities per say. it is more of an examination. Some of the homies back in NY want to know what on earth im doing across the border and if im ever coming back?

HUH? what do you mean?

Im a New Yorker for life!!!!! now that i think about it, there isnt an experience that has happened, whether good or bad, that i would take back. Being that im the only son ( and the last one..hey mom!) from 3 other brothers and one sister,who all appeared out of nowhere from Guyana in like ’80-’81, the city life is all i know. I’ve only been back to my family roots just once when i was a baby…..and i dont remember it…

…………and lets get real here! NYC is one most of the driven, over populated, pushy, multi-cultured, Trendsetting, hated and loved cities ever…..the only people who truly get scorned are the naive rookies who come in thinking what they see on tv is exactly how it is…well thats sorta true but…certain stuff is just hard to explain. You just gotta be in it to live it!

My Hip-hop life started in ’79 when moms bought some hip hop records for my birthday party. These records were “Good Times”, “Rappers Delight”, the “Winners” album” and the “Off The Wall” album (damn i missed that MJ). i was either 4 or 5. I actually didnt start to write raps til 84-85. I got serious with it about 86-88. Things started taking off about 89.. Deals n all..whew! by the time the late 90’s came around, i ended up winning some respect, earning that Mc status, and gaining some notoriety through out the 5 boros. Even though some how i was caught up in the Jungle World …

“Huh…….. What!” (yes Joeski…they still say that today) we’ll talk on that in my next blog.

New York, New York! ……..forever!!!!

Now im up in Canada by almost necessity. Some personal stuff was going down that i’ll keep as such. But thru the connecting i made some friends via Myspace. Since im up here we might as link up in person. Kudos, to the homie Major.To put things shortly we talked, sketched it up, then we made things happened. Life should always be this easy when you’re “team workin”. thru the pushing we bumped into Canada legend Spade of Citizen Kane. Those who really know hip hop know who he is and what he has done to hold the tradition down. If not then get your self a late pass, then go check out “Deliverance”. The next thing ya know we end up being a collective of 10 or so people and im doing a bunch of recording. After that, all of a sudden “poof” a big project pops up in my hands. Why not stay and get a break from NY for bit when something seems to clicking well? A shout out to DJ Jase Cozmic who had me running up n down Toronto on foot…..and had me Laughing my ass off doing it. On my jungle side i end finally doing a dope set with Liondub (YoYO), Caddy Cad , and the Legendary Peter Ranking who came up to me Afterwards saying “TRAC YA BAD MON! YA RAP BAD!…. so yeah i guess my experience here is that there is potential here i have to touch and make it mines ….just like back in NY! Visually T.Dot is reminiscent of NY. but they have their way of walking…. if you now what i mean….

……And the weed…OMG!

Now that i think about it, its funny now because i thought thati was never a believer in internet socialism. Now im seeing without the net alot of things would not be happening ….or maybe not as quick.

Humble Nickz!

NY Til Death….but Poutine anyone?

Nickz is out



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