The Official TRAC Review of “Notorious”

YO YO YOOOOO!!!! is Brooklyn in the fucking house???????? -Faith Evans at the “Notorious” premiere

So i just got back from watching the ‘BIG’ movie (RIP). With all the hype behind this, if you’re a Hip Hop fan then you know that you dont want nothing less than greatness when it comes to our legends. For Real!!! Being a straight BK head myself, i was very curious as to how they would depict this flick. Would they glorify him? would they stereotype him? Or would they just let the nature of the Real Big come out? Well the believe it or not, this movie is what hip hop needed…

My hat goes off to the Lafayette projects native Jamal Woolward aka “Gravy” who put on a whole extra 65 lbs to get that BIG look right. Truthfully i didnt think he’d pulled this off. At first i wasnt impressed with him spitting Bigs old lyrics. His real shine is when he’s not try to do so and just speaking the part. Tho i must say when he did “Who Shot Ya”, I wanted to jump out of my seat. He pulled off Biggie’s mannerisms pretty well. If anything this will do a bunch for his career music and acting wise. Damn he caught me off guard!

Antonique Smith was very on par with the Faith role. truthfully that was as scary as watching Gravy playing Biggie. the 2 showed alot of chemistry on the screen. Probably the best 2 roles played in the movie. As for lil kim, (Nautri Naughton) well she was really on point..and um…..( cough) i guess she can throw away the “3lw” good girl image after this one….wow.

Derek Luke Played a decent Diddy. im glad they didnt put alot of puff in the movie. Understand what im saying…. i’m glad they didnt make a separate billboard for Puff in this movie. Geeez! Puff in the 90’s was untouchable so im not shooting hate. but GEEEZ! Anybody who’s been to some of Big’s performances knows what im saying! Good Job Derek!

Story board wise there wasnt much i that had me too surprised. It was still good to see the visual of many of the stories. Some were the whole truth, others were cleaned up. Trust! i heard em all and i know some who could tell you experiences. I’m not mad at the direction the directors took. Lets keep things positive and let conspiracies be conspiracies. But dont hide shit! Just tell the story.

Just when you started to understand he was fixing things in his life comes the drama of what we all know happens. Im no spoiler but it shows that sometimes things get way too outta hand. Man! i lived through that part interning in the industry. One of my homies stopped working at Bad Boy because of the drama. Very heated and crazy times. Hip Hop needs to work on that part.

So My overall feeling is the movie is worth the ticket. I’m seeing that we are making better hip hop movies every year. Although this movie drags somewhere in the middle, it mostly makes up for a lot in the last quarter of the flick. Thats progress my homies n homettes. Just keep the kids out from seeing this…geeez !

Speaking of which….
Would you believe these ladies had their daughters watching the flick with them? they had to be about 6 and 8…..are you freaking kidding me?

Those girls saw the lil kim scene, they saw all the abuse and the gunshots which were pretty graphic. I hope the Mama’s explain things properly to their young’ns …or they’re fucked…..

Nickz is out!!!!

…and BK..i miss ya! we did it again!


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