Lets just rap for a bit!

“1 for the money and 2 for the show / green aint gotta be the color yall lets all make dough”- TRAC

Peace to the Gods n Earths, the Sun, Moon n Stars. the life we live cant be be totally imitated. Unless you’re trying to imitate.
And yall leave Pac alone yal!!l…(joke..but true).

So yeah im always blogging on some teach the world stuff. Some of yall mite be reading this joint going ” Yo!! who dis N*@@a think he is? Im just a regular dude who could’ve done bad but chose to do good. Plain n simple. In the hood some say thats a rarity but the truth is we all tryna stay straight as a mofo in our given time. Shit is hard, and in this “Recession era” it will be all about survival of the fit. that’s why im doing my calisthenics and keeping myself up to par lately (Good TRAC!). Usually in tough times good dudes become stick up kids.What?? I’m just saying! Any of my homie who read these blogs i want y’all to refrain from that temptation of losing yourself. we all don’t wanna see 86 in that manner. Especially New york!

Speaking of my hometown, im gonna use that miracle of a landing in the Hudson River as an analogy. I’m Glad to see that everyone is safe and ok and God Bless!!. but how that whole situtaion was handled i have to say it gave me a great feeling about taking on some huge challenges in my near future. Seriously yall can you name how many pilots who can pull off that miracle of a landing in a busy water way? you know when things get tough, we all need to get our “Sullenberger” on. (im first rappers….dont you use my line!)

um …………..Sullenberger is the last name of the skilled pilot……..for those that dont get it…Git from under that rock!

I also went to the movies with a very cool person (who trac, who?) and caught that Keanu flick”The Day The Earth Stood Still”. In My opinion the old version is better but the part that always me gets is when the scientist says to the alien “when things get to the brink we, figure a way to make things work”. Well im here to say that the brink is around the corner. Some of us are prepared. Some are scared, and some just dont give a fuck. Please give a fuck everyone. Just this once. We all need it…

Other than that Keanu was …well….. Keanu….what did you expect?

Im gonna do a review of the Notorious movie…hopefully it dosent let BK down….



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